hmmm it took a while for me to write again. been busy and not in the mood to write really. but i think it is just noteworthy so i had to put this in writing so i can look back at the good things and the blessings happening this year. i did mention in my previous entry that 2021 is my year, and indeed it is. hubby's been winning "ending" and have won at least 20k already just using my birthday. how awesome is that right? not only that, i got my long awaited promotion. =) surprise surprise, it's not just an upbanding of my job grade, i have been given a bigger role and will manage about 30 people. 

i was shocked initially, our company is currently spinning off a new one and i will be part of that org. a pioneer and will handle a regional role. (effective Sept 1 but already in transition) i was content in my global/ individual contributor role and current org but God has other plans i guess. i still catch myself wondering how i got this. but my boss told me i deserve it and he was impressed at how i worked for his team for just 1 year. maybe taking on a lot of project lead roles did this. nevertheless, i am grateful and i acknowledge i am blessed.

i admit i second guess myself most of the time, do i really deserve this? can i do it? i have only managed about 15 people in the past and in another organization. that was a long time ago. and then i pray hard that i will be able to manage this team the best that i can. and did i mention that it's a totally different career path? God help me.

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Hello Tabulas! It has been a while. Didn't think I'd ever get back to writing. Altough a lot has happened since my last post, I just couldn't bring myself to write anything. It's like I lost that spark. No idea why.

So what has been going on? I've been reading a lot. I read like crazy last year. Overshoot my goodreads challenge which hardly went more than 15 books a year. I have read 65 books last year. Can't believe it myself. I guess that's what this pandemic can do. It's my escape route. It gets depressing to be stuck at home. I fully resonate to this quote.

"Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey, they are home."

On the work front, that has been progressing really well. Got high marks on my performance evaluation. My current boss loved how I have handled the projects that I have been leading. I have always been saying 2021 is my year! And I'm claiming it. Looking forward to the promised good news this year.

On the home front, 2 of my kids are now working. Only 1 is left in college. Looking back, I am just so proud of how they have grown up to be generous, responsible and loving adults. Couldn't believe I raised these kids mostly on my own majority of the time. Hahaha They are my treasures, my pride and my reason for being. 

It hasn't been an easy journey the past few years, but God has been good to me and my family. Thank you Lord.

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It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
'Til it was a battle cry
I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything's changing
Doesn't mean it's never been this way before
All you can do is try to know who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light
You'll come back when it's over
No need to say goodbye

You'll come back when it's over
No need to say goodbye

Now we're back to the beginning
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can't feel it too
Doesn't mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
'Til they're before your eyes
You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye

~ Narnia OST No need to say goodbye

I was cleaning my emails and happened to see a message I sent on this date. I still think the message sticks till now. Although I highly doubt I will ever be needed. Looking back, I never was....needed I mean.

But thinking more about this...No coming back. No more starting from the beginning. Maybe there was a need to say goodbye? But are there still words left to say...other than goodbye? I think we're good. No sense in messing up the status quo. This is as good as goodbye. 

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"Grief makes a tunnel of our lives, and it is all too easy to lose sight of the other people in the darkness with us - to wish they weren't there, so their loss would stop rubbing up against ours." ~ From the book The Scent Keeper

The reality of this pandemic have hit close to home recently. I lost my sister in law who was a frontliner in a government hospital. She was just 44 years old. She had a 4 week battle in the ICU intubated. Honestly, we were hoping against hope that she would make it. She was a fighter and healthy. We made her promise that she does her best to get well so she can cook spaghetti for the kids.

She loves my kids like her own. She has a son but still, her love for her family was boundless. I never thought I would grieve this much from losing someone not my blood relative. Maybe because I always gave myself a deadline. Like I would be the first to go. But this hasn't happened. I kept losing loved ones, young and old. I lost both my parents already. I lost a brother in law early on. He too was close to me.

The reality of death, of the feeling that you can't reach out to them anytime you want. That you can't breathe the same air as they do. That all of them have ended pain and suffering on earth. Yet, you mourn and grieve. You cry ugly everytime you remember them and the memories they have left behind. My heart is broken and maybe time will come when the pain from losing them will also just be a memory.

I love you tol! May you rest in God's loving arms.

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Kept coming back to this blog but couldn't bring myself to write anything sensible. My brain is mush. So much noise in it, can't seem to focus. I guess I just need to go back to my books.

"Books are the mile markers of my life." ~ Leni (The Great Alone)

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So ok, I have mentioned about having a new boss and an expanded role. We already had a few 1:1 calls and sometimes I feel like he is just too good to be true. He is so professional and kind and nice. I wasn't expecting it. My ex boss prepped me and told me to be on my toes as my new boss was known to be straight forward, frank and can be ruthless. But so far I haven't felt that way. He is conscious of my work time. Although we still have evening calls (can't help that, he is in the US) But everytime we end the call he'd say for me to go to sleep and stop working so late. hahaha

He always tells me that I am still in the learning curve and not to pressure myself to deliver anything as he understands that I am new to the role and that I need to adjust. His expectation is for me to learn and observe in preparation for fall plan and transformation strategies for next year. Sometimes I wonder do I deserve this? I guess I was just used to feeling left out before working amongst Doctors, Nurses, Safety Professionals that it took time for me to blend. I am the only finance person in the team reporting to the Director who is a Doctor. So imagine my struggle to always find ways to prove that even with a different background I can help with global strategies and improving process flows. It worked towards the end and then I was transferred.

I feel like my previous role was in a tough working environment. Those who shine in my boss' eyes were all in the medical field. And no matter how hard you work, it will never be enough. I never felt this in my previous employers. I have always been my boss' favorite. Not because I kiss ass, but because I work extra hard. Yet all of them have the same background as  I do. In accounting and finance. So yeah maybe there's that. I really don't know. I hope it's different this time. It's still the same although the team have more generic backgrounds as I am part of the bigger umbrella of the organization.

I hope it's different. And while I am here, while I still try to blend yet again, I will just dance.

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I just remembered I celebrated my 5th year in my current employer last February. And as the adage says, it was a roller coaster ride. I had to deal with a few difficult personalities but was able to pull through. I was doing different work from what I was used to. And the environment was different as I was reporting to a boss who was not familiar with my line of work. It was a tough few years. And then I got involved in a project which I lead. Then skilled up to be an ISO auditor.

Being part of the global leadership team of this specific business unit has a lot of challenges. And it seems like you are constantly trying to evolve to keep up. One, most of our headcount are essential because of legal requirements but the business doesn't seem to see value in what we do....that is until COVID. Now they realize how the team is bare skin and bones due to the transformation over the years.

And then I was transferred just recently to a new boss. They have expanded my role and now a member of 2 global leadership teams. It was supposed to be a promotion until COVID. Everyone now is trying to be wise with managing financials. I won't complain. As long as I have a job since I have to support my family now being the sole bread winner. Tough times indeed. The new normal. (hate that term)

Still adjusting with the new organization. Had webex calls with the other managers to learn about the operations on their specific geographies. I honestly am quite unsure about things now. I just feel like after all the effort of learning the ropes of my prev org now I need to adjust and learn again. Again, shouldn't be complaining really. Just scared of the uknown I guess.

There is a lot of uncertainty all around. It gets me anxious. I try to be more mindful and resilient. I got to survive this.

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After having lunch in the US a few weeks ago at P.F. Chang's they gave me a fortune cookie and it says:

"You will move to a wonderful new home within the year."

Not really sure what that means initially. I don't think it's literal because we have no current plans of moving out of Mandaluyong even if we have our own place now in Cavite. Manda is just so accessible, can't give that up just yet. It seems like it's career related. Maybe a new Company?

Until, a few weeks ago my boss from the US called me up. She was having a strategy meeting in NY and shared with me that they were planning to move me to a new boss, handling bigger responsibilities. She said it is a promotion. I wouldn't get ahead of myself and celebrate this early until it's official. So maybe this is what my fortune cookie meant?

Anyhow, I'd like to claim about the good things to come. Please Lord let this be it. If this is Your will, please grant my hearts wishes.

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It has been 8 years since that trip. Wow, that long! And the memories were just like yesterday. I remember the note I have typed on my phone for him to read. And the tears along that message. Didn't think I'd cry that much, the feelings were just raw and unadulterated. It has always been good until someone comes along. I couldn't blame him, I wasn't free as well. There were a lot of good times. And I guess those are the ones I wanted to keep and treasure. I could only wish that it was the same for him.

Last week I have been watching this kdrama series on netflix - One Spring Night. The whole time it just keep on reminding me of him, of that part of my life with him. It was indeed special. The OST, the lead actor's boyish grin, half smile, shy glances, the story line...everything and it just all came rushing back. After 8 years, why? Your guess is as good as mine. Sigh


Been on biz travel since the 14th. US for 4 days and then now in Rio, Brazil. I just want to go home.


"No sign of trouble lately
Always the same routine
The days are running me
We're waiting on inspiration
Fighting for room to breathe
Wanting something we can't see
All I am I've been before
And all I want is something more
Is it you?
I keep on asking the question
And it all comes back to you
Who gets to say what's right?
Is it you?
I'm lost in this connection
And I have to follow through
I see the signs of warning
But my heart is set on you"
~ Is it You (R. Yamagata)

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