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October 3, 2017

In retrospect

Yung totoo, gusto ko pa ba talagang balikan? Hindi naman, masarap lang to reminisce about good old memories. Naalala ko lang nag anniversary kase kayo, it was not long before that when I said I am setting you free. I just knew it was going to happen. Mas marunong lang ako that time kse nadaanan ko na yung ganon. Mas alam ko na pano iprotect ang puso ko. Pero akala ko lang yun, umiyak pa din ako, umasa pa din, tanga eh. I guess we were just meant for someone else. Ganon talaga eh, sometimes you just don't end up with the one you really love.

Kahapon pa dapat ako may entry, ayoko na talaga sanang balikan eh. I would just look really pathetic. Pero bakit ba? Life is short. To hell with rules and all that crap. Gusto ko lang magexpress. Masama ba yun? I'm sure wala naman nagbabasa neto or kung meron man, di naman nila tayo kilala. Hindi ka na din naman active dito for years now. Mabuti na lang nagcocooperate ang universe. Hindi pinagtatagpo landas natin. Kahit gustong gusto kita makita, ok na lang na hindi. Para sa ikakatahimik ng buhay natin. At ng utak ko. Hahaha

{ music } too good at goodbyes - sam smith
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } melancholy

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September 13, 2017

Of pretending and happy trips


From the beginning, I'd like to pretend it was me

The ambiguity was driving me crazy

And still, to numb the pain, I'd pretend it was me

When you were waiting, when you were missing someone

I pretend it was me

The songs you like, the lyrics of love and longing

I pretend it was for me

The falling and catching, the dream of a happy ending

I wanted to pretend it was with me.

Until I got tired of pretending, because it was never about me.

After all these years, no matter how hard I wish for it,

It was never going to be me.

~ Cloudy


Back from a 12 day trip from SG. It was business mixed with pleasure. Suffice it to say, it was an awesome trip with lots of good memories to reminisce. Bonded with colleagues who are now becoming my good friends. I was tired with long work hours, and then fun times at night and less sleep. But I was happy. Next strat plan to be held early 1Q next year, they are thinking about doing it in Brazil or wherever we haven't done this mtg at. Something to look forward to.

{ music } what you won't do for love - bobby caldwell
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } reflective

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August 9, 2017

tattered and torn

Do you have that tattered and torn clothing you still keep it and wear all the time? I do. I have this FUBU shirt bought in greenhills that is still with me like more than 20 yrs now. I couldn't let it go. It's super comfy with light cotton material. Gutay gutay na nasa cabinet ko pa din. And yes I still wear it. Sarap kaya sa katawan. Hehehe may partner na leggings yun. It's black but super faded na sa sobrang tagal. Nilusutan ako ng mga kasama ko sa bahay at tinapon ng di ko alam. Grrrrr...

{ music } Tadhana - Up Dharma Down
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman

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August 7, 2017


Just the other day I was oggling over Chris Pratt on his transformation from chubby to hottie. As in pinagnanasaan ko sya hahaha I'm so lame! Anyway, shocked over his divorce with Anna Faris from their 8 yr marriage. It's sad and madami nalungkot. Nalungkot din ako, pero kung kapitbahay lang kita.....I would've knocked on your door and comforted you....with a big hug and a slimy kiss. Shet masama na ito! hahaha

Kelan ko kaya matatapos binabasa ko. Ang dami ko kse activities pag weekend, paguwi ng bahay pagod na so I sleep like a log. And when I get depressed or sad, I have the strong urge to watch a kdrama pang tanggal ng stress. Hahaha I know...excuses!

{ music } Starving - Hailee Steinfeld
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ show } Fight for my way
{ mood } mischievous

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August 4, 2017

Kissing Friday

"If Friday had a face, I would kiss it." ~ Anon.


So here I am kissing Friday at Eastwood. Normally I work from home on Fridays, just to get away from the horrific traffic. (well car is coding too) However, there is this face to face meeting we need to attend to at work. Maybe because of our company's 80th anniversary in PH. So it's fine. One Friday won't hurt. =) Was about to take Uber but it was way too expensive so had to commute. Namiss ko ang usok sa kalsada. Hahaha!

On another note, a colleague from Thailand sent me a message through our ofc chat and said

Always see you online from early morning to late of night, haha    
working so hard 9:16:42 AM

Well, I guess the good thing about this is that in between I can compensate especially if I get to work from home. My meetings are usually late nights. This is the norm when you work for a global company and you have a global position. But no issue as I work hard and play harder. =)

Business travel coming up soon. SG this time. It was 9 years since my last travel to SG. I bet it has changed a lot. Will be staying for 12 days. Longer business trip this time. Full packed work schedule. And fall plan is coming up. Busy days ahead.

{ music } Good life - G-Eazy, Kehlani
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } energetic

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July 24, 2017

Chasing highs

Surely there's more to life than household chores and workload. Simple joys, had our first food park date with the fambam at Madison Commons in Pasig. It was cool. Had a few drinks (smirnoff mule) together with our sumptuous mixed cuisine dinner. I had t-bone steak, and shared kebab platter, bbq's, tempura, strawberry shakes and icecream. I like the ambiance. I thought it was going to be a bit warm since it's open air. It was surprisingly airy. And not that congested. We loved it. Definitely a good sundowner place.

I was thinking for our next family date we'd go bowling at Eastwood, I love the Magoo's Pizza there. And bowling is fun. Not an expert though. Well, I don't think any of us are experts. But what the heck? Just an alternative idea of family bonding aside from food trips. =) We missed being complete. And now we are making up for lost time.

Also been catching up with old friends. First was with friends from my past employer, Nokia. The breakfast club! Went to Pampanga to attend a birthday. It was awesome! Last Friday bonding with "Jologs" at Veterans Village, our couple BFF's. A few drinks while watching Billy Joel's and Sting's past concerts. This coming Friday, set up dinner with my colleagues from Siemens. We've gone way back. They are my kuya's. Never had one, so it's cool. I have the awesomest friends in the universe. =)

{ music } sometimes a fantasy - billy joel
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } bouncy

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July 17, 2017

kapeng barako

"ang tapang mo, kayang kaya mo ako ipaglaban."

kainis! pagkatapos uminom ng kapeng barako kagabi di na ako makatulog. 2am na ako napapikit and had to wake up at 5am. kamote yan! mahina tolerance ko sa caffeine. isang cup lang ng kape kaya ko. pag pangalawa nagpapalpitate na ako nyan. pag pangatlo, nanginginig na katawan ko. matapang nga eh. hehehe

ang dami kong gagawin, pero wala ako sa mood. shet masama na 'to. =(

{ music } Spotify Soft Pop hits
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } bored

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July 16, 2017

turning korean and work matters

Finally gave in and had my kdrama fix yesterday. Finished 13 episodes in less than a day. And somehow I feel uplifted. I'm such a sucker for chick flicks. Hahaha Well, kdrama/ kpop is so mainstream these days. I guess it started when they showed Goblin on ABS-CBN. I watched it way before it got the interest of the Philippine audience and I must say it's one of the best if not the best kdrama I have ever watched. The cinematography was superb! And the lead actor Gong Yoo was my super duper crush since Coffee Prince.

I love everything Korean. My dream is to go to Seoul one of these days and get to taste Korean food and see the beautiful sceneries I always watch on their kdramas. I already go around Korean restaurants here. But there's nothing like the real thing right? Have been going to korean groceries as well to buy the famous banana milk and soju. I got to taste the chum churum peach flavored soju in the US and it was refereshingly different from other alcoholic drinks. Honestly, ginawa ko syang softdrinks. Hahaha

Ok off of my korean soapbox. =) Been feeling overly sensitive these days. My tears just fall on short videos I watch. It's crazy! Good thing I'm alone in the room and no one gets to judge me. Hehehe Damn hormones!

On the career front, fall plan is coming up fast. I need to do my preparations as early as now. But can't seem to be motivated enough to start on anything. Is this a bad sign? Oh well, I love my work, but I'm beginning to get bored. I feel like I still can do more. Should get back to that growth mindset. I guess I need to study and learn more.

{ music } song for love - lyn
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ show } My Secret Romance
{ mood } relaxed

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July 11, 2017

of games and health

so if you guys will notice, ilang posts ko na nakalagay the same book na "currently reading". hindi ko sya matuloy basahin. honestly, even my kdrama addiction was put on a halt. lintek na games kse ito. inumpisahan ng everwing tapos binalikan ko yung smurfs at hayday. wala na, lagot na, naubos na oras sa kakalaro. kung di naman laro, household chores. hayy buhayyyy! tinatamad na din ako sa instagram 365 project ko. kaso naumpisahan ko na eh. shet "inspiration" asan ka na ba? hahahah


health is wealth. i am not the most healthy person out there. madami ako sakit sa truth lang. and right now i stopped all my medications. insulin, meds for my one kidney, meds for hypertension, etc etc. feeling ko lalo masisira kidney ko sa mga gamot na iniinom or iniinject ko. and i hate going to my doctors, i have to spend almost half of my day just waiting in queue for them. daming may sakit eh. so my fave quote right now is "life is short". kung panahon mo na, panahon mo na diba.

{ music } Crossover Jazz Spotify playlist
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } crazy

Written by princess_bride at 11:28 AM.

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