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July 10, 2017


when things are best left unsaid after all these years. and someone else is taking you home. i am here and that you have this space in my heart no one else will ever replace. no need to acknoweldge, no need for a fuss. just let me dance on my own. ~ cloudy


NERVOUS ~ Gavin James

I promise that I'll hold you when it's cold out
When we loose our winter coats in the spring
Cause lately I was thinking I never told you
That every time I see you my heart sings

Cause we lived at the carnival in summer
We scared ourselves to death on a ghost train
And just like every ferris wheel stops turning
Oh I guess we had an expiration date
So I won't say I love you, it's too late

And oooooooooh
And oooohoooooooh

Cause every time I saw you I got nervous
Shivering and shaking at the knees
And just like every song I haven't heard yet no
I didn't know the words in front of me
In front of me, and oooooooh
But I don't wanna know

Who'll take you home?
Who'll take you home?
Who'll take you home?
If I let you gooooooooooo

And oooooohhhhh
And oooooohhhhh
And oooooohhhhh

Now that you're on someone else's shoulders
The winter winds are colder on my own
Maybe we will meet when we get older
Maybe we won't
So I won't say I love you if you don't
And no you don't
So I won't say I love you if you don't

Written by princess_bride at 06:43 PM.

dance with me

July 6, 2017

Home Alone

I'm at work today. Should've worked from home instead. People in my department are in various sites today. Should make a mental note that office peeps only report in Eastwood Mondays & Wednesdays. I'm sleepy and I want to go home. Don't get me wrong, I have tons of things to do.....just not in the mood to do it. Well yeah, it's a stage....

Should get my ass back to work. Sigh...ZZZZzzzz

{ music } Korean OSTs
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } lazy

Written by princess_bride at 02:37 PM.

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July 4, 2017

Small World

I love watching Supergirl. The song below was played during the very emotional separation of Kara and Mon-el in S2E22. Aww tears...


"Small World" (Idina Menzel)

I'm standing in the field
My feet lift off the ground
No one here will see me
No one will hurt me now

I'm brushing off the rain
While climbing through the clouds
Nobody can see me
No one can hurt me now

Goodbye, gravity
Goodbye, enemies
I'm going up to a place where the world is small
Where I can fly above it all
If I don't make it, sing my song
From here I'm weightless
No stars are famous
And the world is small
And the world is small

Still rising towards the dark
Don't care what's down below
'Cause no one can see me
And no one has to know

The atmosphere is lonely
And beautiful
I don't miss a thing I used to know
I used to know

Goodbye, gravity
Goodbye, enemies
I'm going up to a place where the world is small
Where I can fly above it all
If I don't make it, sing my song
From here I'm weightless
No stars are famous
And the world is small
I feel so tall

If there's nothing to break my fall
It's OK, I've seen it all
And maybe I was always small
But I could fly before I crawled

If I don't make it, sing my song
From here I'm weightless
No stars are famous
And the world is small
And the world is small

{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } melancholy

Written by princess_bride at 11:12 AM.

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July 3, 2017

The Real Thing

So I was meaning to write about my dream two weeks ago but decided against it. Bakit ganon? Lagi kita napapanaginipan. Kahit di kita isipin. Bigla ka na lang dumadating sa panaginip. Well, it's a welcome surprise naman. I must admit, namiss naman talaga kita. It's been what, five years? or more? Things are different now. I guess we can't even be friends to the true sense of the word. It would be weird, I know.


I have been reading some sad posts on my FB feed. I can't help but think that we all are going through some rough patches on different levels but we can't say that we are better or worse than the rest. Sabi nga nila parang gulong lang ang buhay minsan nasa taas, minsan sa baba, minsan sa gitna. It's cliche, but yes when you feel down and under,  just start counting your blessings.


I was on leave for three days last week, it's Monday and my brain is still on holiday mode. sigh Month end reporting pa naman. grrrrr

{ music } heartbeats - daniella andrade
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } amused

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June 9, 2017

stress test

"You get to know people when they are in difficult situations and you get to really know their character when they are not able to get what they want. We need to assess ourselves honestly. When we are in tight situations; what and how do we respond? When we are not able to get what we want how is our attitude? Self-assessment is key to self-development." ~ Francis Kong


So how are we when we are in difficult situations? We are human and nobody is perfect. That is why we are always on a work in progress mode all the time. And it doesn't mean that we are not moving forward. It just means that we always need to improve ourselves to be able to cope up with our ever changing environment.

If you will ask me, I do get frustrated when things don't go my way. It is an instant reaction. But when I get to think things over, I get to realize that there are just things I cannot change. So what do I do about it, I try to change my perspective. I assess what are the things that I have control over, how do I use that to my advantage. I realize also that I am human, and I need to learn and re-learn a lot of things.

In this fast paced environment, we always have to restlessly reinvent ourselves. Try to have that growth mindset and never get tired of improving ourselves. Let's read, learn, collaborate and connect with people. Be resourceful enough to find ways and means to self-development. And be mature enough to accept that there is no end to learning things.

{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ mood } energetic

Written by princess_bride at 01:20 PM.

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April 24, 2017

digital footprint

due to a recent privacy issue i had on FB, i just got too paranoid in maintaining my social media accounts. i actually deactivated my FB account and just maintained twitter, pinterest and instagram..or those accounts where i have limited personal information that can be used by whoever for whatever evil purpose they are thinking. honestly, for someone who keeps in touch with friends on FB (well i maintained my messenger though) it was a very difficult move to deactivate. it's like being in the dark. i guess this is me on withdrawal mode.

i have to decrease my digital footprint lest someone wants to stalk. it's just too scary what people can do. i heard of a couple in Australia where their FB accounts were stalked and someone used their personal information to apply for a credit card. it got approved and the couple learned about it when the credit card bill was delivered to their home. another one, also in Australia, where people stalk their FB accounts and learned that they were out on vacation, so they ransacked their house, stole everything they can and left the family with nothing.

i didn't think these were possible. but these were real stories of people who are friends of friends that can vouch that they have heard of the stories first hand. in my case, nothing like that happened. but it's scary when strangers add all your friends and send messages asking them to tell you to contact them. it is downright creepy!!!

so there. on another note, the heat this summer is terrible! i just don't want to leave my airconditioned room or office. i mean you don't even need to move and you'd be dripping wet with perspiration. i didn't think i'd every say this but can the rainy season come forward please?

{ book } everything, everything - nicola yoon
{ mood } hopeful

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April 3, 2017


these days it's just difficult to get reliable househelp. longest stay with us was 7 yrs. but i guess times have changed. they would rather look for store help or factories. with that, we are left to fend for ourselves. i normally am used to just getting up in the morning and preparing myself for work. now, i have to wake up really early and prepare breakfast, clean a bit before leaving the house. not so difficult to do. but quite a significant adjustment to my daily sched.

i currently have someone who comes in daily to help around but she comes around after lunch. which is fine. but now i find myself instead of going out i'd rather be left at home and do household chores than going out and then coming back with tons of house work to do. it's like being abroad. even laundry places now have machines where you can just drop money and let it do it's thing. which i don't have to do as i have one at home. what i dread the most is ironing. i hate it. i can do everything at home except iron. not unless i don't have a choice.

on another note, i am just not in the mood to do anything today. i hate mondays! =(

{ mood } sleepy

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March 29, 2017

stuck in the 90's & hashtags

I am loving this "Boybands and 90s Awesome Shit" playlist on Spotify. Totally my jam! =) Nothing like good music to inspire me to go through my day. My beats bluetooth speaker is acting up already. It's been what, 4 yrs? It fully served its purpose. Now I'm thinking of getting myself a new one. Looking at this Bose soundlink for quite sometime now or the JBL that lights up. Hahah I am such a heart. (sabay bawi!)

On another note, it's my second year on this daily photo project. It's tough but it's good that I get to travel for work so it helps. Yesterday, a friend asked what the hashtags were for? It just looks like a cluttered post. I told him that it has a purpose. To quote wikipedia "A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content." Aside from that, it garners followers and at the same time gives me insight to what the other hobbyists like myself are thinking or working on.

I wasn't a fan of #hashtags before too. But I understood it's purpose and it feels good for other people aside from your friends to appreciate your work. I read somewhere that there is a way to de-clutter or to simplify your hashtags. I have yet to find out about this. Meantime, who cares right? It's my page anyway.

{ music } Space between - Dave Matthews
{ show } The Originals S4E01

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March 17, 2017

sometimes you just have to find a door to open

so much for the negativity in my previous post. i guess it was just one of those days. i don't know, i just felt really down. don't even have the energy to motivate me to work. i need something to ignite me. anything to light my fire.

i can do this! i am hopeful, sometimes you just have to find a door to open. i could just be over analyzing things. as usual.

{ music } Because I Miss You - Jung Yong Hwa
{ book } Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
{ mood } hopeful

Written by princess_bride at 09:35 AM.

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