hmmm it took a while for me to write again. been busy and not in the mood to write really. but i think it is just noteworthy so i had to put this in writing so i can look back at the good things and the blessings happening this year. i did mention in my previous entry that 2021 is my year, and indeed it is. hubby's been winning "ending" and have won at least 20k already just using my birthday. how awesome is that right? not only that, i got my long awaited promotion. =) surprise surprise, it's not just an upbanding of my job grade, i have been given a bigger role and will manage about 30 people. 

i was shocked initially, our company is currently spinning off a new one and i will be part of that org. a pioneer and will handle a regional role. (effective Sept 1 but already in transition) i was content in my global/ individual contributor role and current org but God has other plans i guess. i still catch myself wondering how i got this. but my boss told me i deserve it and he was impressed at how i worked for his team for just 1 year. maybe taking on a lot of project lead roles did this. nevertheless, i am grateful and i acknowledge i am blessed.

i admit i second guess myself most of the time, do i really deserve this? can i do it? i have only managed about 15 people in the past and in another organization. that was a long time ago. and then i pray hard that i will be able to manage this team the best that i can. and did i mention that it's a totally different career path? God help me.

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Posted by princess_bride on July 7, 2021 at 11:37 AM | dance with me
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