I have been reading management books the past few weeks owing to the fact that I need to rehash on my management skills as it has been a while since I led a team this big. Last book was "Who moved my Cheese" It's about change and how different people react to it. It's a good read, lot of take aways.

So it's been a few months since I started this management role. It was a struggle the first 2 months. My first week was hell week, I had 3 resignations. And a long list of IT related stuff that I need to do (eg archive emails since 2015..ughh). Common complaint was the work load. It wasn't an easy transition. Everything is still a mess until now. A lot of functions are overwhelmed with work and lack of resources. I am just lucky that my previous boss who set this up fought tooth and nail to make sure that my team is properly staffed.

I was a Scurry at first - went into action immediately. Wasn't sure what was expected of me. I don't think I have been a Sniff (who can smell change in the air...I was even dumbstruck when my boss talked to me about my promotion) nor a Hem (who doesn't want change at all...I did say I will think about it....and here I am) From a Scurry, I progressed to a Haw (afraid of change but understand the need for it) So right now, I have worked things out so I can delegate. I have converted my team leads to first line managers so that there is a 7:1 span of control and not 30:1 this would ensure effective and efficient support to my team.

So far so good....surviving hehehe. Happy and proud of my team. Different personalities, different approach in managing them. Headaches here and there, but all in all it's a pretty cool experience. I never thought I was made for this, but it seems like I am getting the hang of it. Although I know that it's going to be a work in progress of course. Just thankful for the opportunities given me. I used to ask myself if I deserve this....and yeah, I think I do.

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Posted by princess_bride on November 29, 2021 at 09:58 AM | dance with me
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