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so i used to have the habit of tuning in to magic 89.9 every friday to listen to the 80's hits. and i was surprised to hear the return of the comeback (hahaha) - joe d' mango's love notes. i remember during my teenage yrs how i used to wait for the 7pm replay to hear his honest to goodness advice and the great music right after. well, except for the ancient (hehehe) music they played today,  it was really good hearing him again.

on another note, i feel so lousy today. time of the month is coming fast i can already feel the signs. i have gimik with friends tonight at cafe 80's hope i feel better by then. been a long time since i have gone out with friends. usually i see some of them over lunch or dinner but that's abt it. been sickly the past few months so stayed mostly at home or went to the hospital for labtests/ doctor's check up.

on the career front, things are looking good. just got a recognition award from my boss and it felt awesome to be appreciated. although in 2016 we are all looking up to major org changes i hope mine is something to look forward to. my in-country boss have been building me up to the higher-ups, i just hope i can manage to meet if not exceed their expectations.

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everything gets better in time. case in point, it took a few months for me to adjust to my new employer and new job. i guess one of the factors was i stayed for almost 8 yrs with my previous employer. they were essentially my second family. i called my boss "mother". it was a happy environment until the last months when not all good things last and i decided to move.

no matter how bad it seem when i was starting, i got two recognitions in 9 mos time. not bad. =) but i shouldn't rest on my laurels. it's a sign for me to push myself some more. to maximize my potential and be able to contribute more to the organization. i know deep inside that i can do much better. i can give some more.

on matters of the heart, i gotta admit i get lonely sometimes...well, actually, i get lonely a lot. it's like i'm missing something. like there's a blank space that needs to be filled. i know i shouldn't entertain such thoughts anymore. but i guess that's part of being human...not being perfect....wanting more for myself. wanting to be taken cared of. missing the warmth and intimacy. LDR is just so difficult. so i keep myself busy. i read books, watch a lot of tv series, bond with family and friends. but sometimes it's just not enough. sigh...

i just have to keep on believing that things do get better in time.

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Posted by princess_bride on November 25, 2015 at 03:49 PM | dance with me
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