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"You might stop, stay still, but the world will keep moving. Seasons change, time flies."


whoa! it's already december, didn't notice how fast time passed me by. i remember writing abt my goals for this yr. not sure if i have accomplished a lot. but i think i have somehow scratched the surface. hehehe

so year-end is normally busy for me when i used to do country controlling stuff. but now since budget preparation is over, i can go on a long vacation without worrying about year-end closing activities. that's a cool change. time to relax. honestly, i wanted to travel but i need to save coz next yr i might be able to go see my sisters in the US again. another business trip for strategic planning with global leaders. (i will make sure not to lose my wallet this time so i can enjoy the trip)

aside from the US, korea is on top of my go-to list. there might be a possiblity if the AP leaders mtg will be organized there. (crossing my fingers) at least i don't have to personally spend for the flight and hotel if ever. hahah me and my korean addiction. spending a lot of my time crying, laughing, smiling over various korean tv series. i also love a lot of their OST's. and of course the hot oppa's hahaha (feeling teenager lang)

ok, i hope i can still make an entry before the yr ends. if not, wishing all my tabby friends and acquiantances a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. wishing for that peace of mind that we've all been looking for. spread the love peeps.

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i hardly wrote two entries on succeeding days. but let me make an exception today.

i am working from home today and had an afternoon nap. i had a dream abt a wedding. your wedding. a random video was playing on my laptop, and you were there all smiles while doing the wedding preparations. you look so happy. your wife was looking radiant. everything was so real.

how i felt abt it in my dream? i was honestly happy for you. i wasn't invited, but i didn't feel bad at all. it's your time to take hold of the rest of your life.

i can feel that something is up that's why i dreamt about it. i have always dreamt abt things that will happen when it comes to you and somehow they came up close to reality. we haven't been talking and i don't intend to start right now. i just want you to know that i wish you all the happiness in life. that i may be in the shadows right now, but know that if and when you need a friend i am always here. you know where to reach me.

i am sincerely happy that you finally found your happiness. all the best my good friend. thank you for the wonderful memories. i will always cherish them in my heart.

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so there are stuff at work right now that dampens my spirit. we have been asked for a $5M budget cut from our business unit alone. what does that mean? headcount cuts, travel bans, and other cost cutting activities. recently, there were movements in the higher ups. so change in leadership means change in strategies. and the current one seem to still be adjusting to her new post. problem is there are directions that are delegated to people who shouldn't be involved at all.

case in point, request for detailed 2016 forecast of education spend for all geos. sent globally by a non-finance person in charge of Americas. figure that out right. and then consolidation will be done by the data analytics person. another big question mark. so i raised this up with my boss in the US. and he gave me excuses abt needing statistical data from these reports. whatever right? if it's finance related all communication shld be coming from finance, even consolidation shld be done by finance. well, i felt that my boss knew i was annoyed at how it was done. i just said that it was sending the wrong signals and at the rate the organization is going, its best to avoid unrest among the team. he agrees and said he understood where i was coming from.

i know i said in an fb post that i was liking my "horizon" right now. but when i encounter stuff like this i just can't help but think if i can consider this job as something long term. i wouldn't want to think that i want to retire here. nothing is constant in this world but change. so i am opening my path for "forks" in the road. wherever my feet leads me, i just pray that it will always be the right direction. i am not getting any younger, i want to retire prepared in a sense that i don't want to burden others when i get old.

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