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"Maybe it isn't that we're supposed to find the pieces and put them back together. Maybe we're the pieces." ~ Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist


I was able to finish two easy read books over the long weekend. And it was a good break from all the kdrama's I have been watching. Was able to visit my Mom and Mom-in-law too. So it was an eventful weekend inspite of the trouble INC have created near our place. Good thing I have learned these alternate routes because of my new work. And I just so love Uber. =)

How fast time flies. "Ber" months officially starts today. The Christmas mood will start to kick in, malls will start playing Christmas songs which always makes me feel sad. But there are always other reasons to look the other way. Life is short. I should really just celebrate with a grateful heart.

On the work front, budget season is about to start. Preliminary reports are starting to pile in. So "ber" months for me actually means work. Challenging work. Yey! Hahah

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"In geometry, parallel lines are lines in a plane which do not meet; that is, two lines in a plane that do not intersect or touch each other at any point are said to be parallel. By extension, a line and a plane, or two planes, in three-dimensional Euclidean space that do not share a point are said to be parallel." ~ Wikipedia


We are parallel lines

We could never meet

We do not share a point

But we have not separated either

Not necessarily near each other

Not necessarily far apart


so that was what we are in this lifetime. could it change? i guess not. could the next lifetime be different? maybe.

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