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ok before i rant abt what i am supposed to rant about. i just need to say this - i am so thankful to have tabulas back. i did try wordpress. i still love how user-friendly tabulas is. so i do hope tabulas is back for good. roy, you should've heard my heartbreak when i saw the site was down and was not sure if it will be ever back again. so thank you for all your hardwork Roy. you've made a lot of people happy.

i regress, so fb has a way of slapping you with awful truths. like finding out how you have been lied to and used. while all along you felt it, and you thought it was someone else, its just funny how fate seems to play with you. same family different person. why was it always you who get the bad end of the bargain? so May 20 pictures just a few wks before my birthday. and fluffy pillows was June 23.  i knew something was different. 

so you've both moved on. and you've been trying to send a message to let that person know that you know and that it wasn't fair. but always ended up not sending it and you keep asking yourself, what's the use? it's been almost a year. what's done is done! you just can't understand why you keep letting this person hurt you. maybe because you hoped that he wasn't that bad. that it was just one of those painful experiences you have to learn from. but you were wrong. 

i could've wished you all the bad things in life. but that isn't me. there is what we call karmic justice. i will let the universe handle that. as for me, i have moved on. yes, i am hurt and its still painful. but adding you in fb was the first move for me to show that life must go on. i have been anything but good to you. i know i deserve better. 

so awful truths may not be so awful after all. life has a way of waking you up from your reverie. but you never stop dreaming for good things to come. 

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Posted by princess_bride on May 3, 2013 at 08:16 AM | dance with me

summer is almost over and haven't gone on vacation yet. i have a month of leave credits and i need to use 10 by june or else these will be forfeited. thinking abt going on a staycation in any nearby hotel with a pool. its the closest thing i can get for a vacation. well, i have an SG trip in July. so maybe i will wait till then. will be there from the 16th to the 23rd. lots of time to go around. maybe can even squeeze a short trip to malaysia. will see.

on another note, was writing down candidates that i will vote for on monday. just thought that there are not enough of them qualified. how sad is that? i just hope that my countrymen will be able to vote wisely on monday. not just voting for those popular but those who could make a difference.

looking forward to the the long weekend though. happy weekend tabby peeps!

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Posted by princess_bride on May 10, 2013 at 04:45 PM | dance with me

practiced my right to suffrage yesterday. noticed that a lot of people have abstained from this right because some say they lost hope for a better Philippines. sad but how can you enforce and make sure that the deserving candidates will win if you abstain from voting. so that got me thinking, as a responsible citizen what could you do to make sure that the majority voters will be able to vote "wisely"? something has to be done, the question is how?

so looking at the preliminary results this morning, you will see that inspite of the hate campaign against those without experience running for senators, or mayors who have been removed from their posts in the past due to corruption or what nots - they are still the ones leading the race. so what does that tell you? either there was rampant vote buying or that the majority voters doesn't know otherwise. sad but true. so what do we do about it? 

we can't just stand by and do nothing. if we want a better Philippines, the educated voters should be able to aggressively share their thoughts on what are the qualifications and what would be the negative impact for voting for a less qualified candidate. but this is going to be very subjective, and we really cannot impose on them our opinions. however, something must be done to educate them somehow. 

my two cents....

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Posted by princess_bride on May 14, 2013 at 10:48 AM | dance with me

"Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys..."

So ok, its human nature to trigger a ranting when you have problems. I can so relate. Maybe because the negative emotion that involves your life's issues have such an effect to one's hormones that one get's to rant endlessly. 

So let's try positivity. Inspite of our everyday problems, why not focus on the good stuff. Ok so what's made me smile today - babies! My brother in law posted a video of their twins giggling. If there's anything that could make me smile - that would be babies! i love kids. especially the eensy winsy ones. nothing like a sweet and innocent smile, a belly laugh, baby talks. these drive me crazy.

What else? Breakfast with my kids. Kulitan with them. Listening to my favorite songs. Watching my fave tv series. Reading a good book. Tinkering with my ipad. Candy crush. Bonding with good friends. Skype. Facetime. BBM. Bags. Shoes. Hello kitty. etc etc etc...

My simple joys. I am very blessed. What more can I ask for?

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