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just had our annual PE at work and as usual lots of findings that need medical attention. what's weird is that this time my ecg results went haywire. they say my heart skips a beat. or would beat very weak at a time. i was advised to see a specialist. i guess all the heart break i went through for the past years had a toll on me. i hope its nothing serious though. i just have so much on my plate right now and i wouldn't want any health condition come in the way. 

i have eased up on thinking too much about things. got myself busy with my kids, work, reading and trying to be fit. and it does help a lot to take my mind off things. its just that at this point, i don't need any of that right now. i stopped  wondering about all the "why's" and started thinking about the "NOW". life is just too short to be dwelling on the awful things of the past. i just had to keep reminding myself of all the good things in my life right now.

i guess everything is a work in progress. success, contentment, happiness...etc etc. i am a work in progress. my heart is just too tired of thinking that everything around me should be perfect and i should be perfect. it's a matter of letting go and letting God. yes Him, i am still in the process of working things out with Him. but He always had a way of letting me know that everything will be ok and that He loves me unconditionally and that should be enough.

so my achy breaky heart...time to ease up some more...cause everything will be alright.  

Currently feeling: hopeful
Posted by princess_bride on June 30, 2013 at 01:26 PM | dance with me
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