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The perfect words never crossed my mind,
Cause there was nothin' in there but you.
I felt every ounce of me screaming out,
But the sound was trapped deep in me.
All I wanted just sped right past me,
While I was rooted fast to the earth,
I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
Without your arms to drag me out.

~ Snow Patrol


i'd give anything to know what's on your mind right now. as for me? i just want to scream. 

i need you...i want to hold you. but i can't tell you. i just can't. deactivated my fb account. i just need some peace and quiet. i need to think. this loneliness is killing me. 


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Posted by princess_bride on March 2, 2012 at 08:31 PM | dance with me

Sometimes, we think we`re part of someone`s life. We share things with them and gather good memories with them. Then suddenly, they will show you that no matter how much you want them to be part of you, it won`t happen. And in spite of what you`ve been through together, you will realize that you`re strangers. As you always have been.

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Posted by princess_bride on March 5, 2012 at 09:39 AM | dance with me

sweet dreams are made of these....

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Posted by princess_bride on March 11, 2012 at 09:21 PM | dance with me

i'd like to ask you this, do you feel like you are being "bad" when you are with me? if it's yes, that doesn't sound good at all.

i'm currently overwhelmed abt things i'd rather not discuss in detail. i am happy and hesitant to be this happy. magulo i know. but by experience whenever i feel this happy for sure something sad will happen. the balance of life. now i just hope na nauna na yung sad part. a girl can dream right? 

i just have to be thankful with what we have right now. focus on the good stuff, the good memories. stop overanalyzing things. stop being melodramatic.


.....but the tenderness, i just can't believe it means nothing to you. i just can't. 

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Posted by princess_bride on March 14, 2012 at 04:39 PM | dance with me


Who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time
And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose, only time

Who can say why your heart sighs
As your love flies, only time
And who can say why your heart cries
When your love lies, only time

Who can say when the roads meet
That love might be in your heart
And who can say when the day sleeps
If the night keeps all your heart
Night keeps all your heart

Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose
Only time
And who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time


i don't want to keep my hopes up. and i don't want to live in regret that i have failed to express whatever it is in my heart. so whether you accept it or not or rather not react so you can't hurt me (whichever way, i am still hurt anyway) i will still tell express how i feel directly or indirectly. i just need to vent. otherwise my heart will burst. ok that's an exaggeration. smiley-cool.gif

i keep telling myself to stop minding how you would usually react. it doesn't matter, what matters is im happy when im with you. and i am thankful for the time shared no matter how much effort i usually make to keep in touch. although i must admit, more often than not, its just so hard to keep up with you. i keep chasing pavements. i shouldn't complain. i just have to treasure the memories i am building with you. so that when the time comes for whatever this is to end - i have something to look back to.  

who can say? only time....


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Posted by princess_bride on March 26, 2012 at 08:23 PM | 2 danced with me
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