Karma is the law of cause and effect. (1) Karma is action, whether physical or mental, individual or performed by a group, and each action has a consequence. ~ wikipedia


I have always believed in 'karma'. I have proven that time and again when one have been cruel to another person, karma bites back like a bitch. Case in point, someone I know got pregnant and the guy responsible was a complete ass and denied that he has anything to do with it. He eventually got married and 21 years after, he remained childless until now. Another proof, a woman almost destroyed a family. She became a mistress of a married man. A year after the family discovered their affair, she was diagnosed with cancer. And that mans family is suffering financially.

So you see, if you think that in your past you have been cruel to someone - it will not hurt to sincerely apologize. And as much as you can, make that conscious effort to be kind to others. One may think that time will heal all wounds. Everything is forgotten. Think again. What goes around comes around. 

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Posted by princess_bride on November 18, 2019 at 01:05 PM | dance with me
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