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It has been 8 years since that trip. Wow, that long! And the memories were just like yesterday. I remember the note I have typed on my phone for him to read. And the tears along that message. Didn't think I'd cry that much, the feelings were just raw and unadulterated. It has always been good until someone comes along. I couldn't blame him, I wasn't free as well. There were a lot of good times. And I guess those are the ones I wanted to keep and treasure. I could only wish that it was the same for him.

Last week I have been watching this kdrama series on netflix - One Spring Night. The whole time it just keep on reminding me of him, of that part of my life with him. It was indeed special. The OST, the lead actor's boyish grin, half smile, shy glances, the story line...everything and it just all came rushing back. After 8 years, why? Your guess is as good as mine. Sigh


Been on biz travel since the 14th. US for 4 days and then now in Rio, Brazil. I just want to go home.


"No sign of trouble lately
Always the same routine
The days are running me
We're waiting on inspiration
Fighting for room to breathe
Wanting something we can't see
All I am I've been before
And all I want is something more
Is it you?
I keep on asking the question
And it all comes back to you
Who gets to say what's right?
Is it you?
I'm lost in this connection
And I have to follow through
I see the signs of warning
But my heart is set on you"
~ Is it You (R. Yamagata)

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