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"When life closes a door, just open it again. It's a door that's how it works."


True that! It's just that sometimes one just can't help but overthink. Been feeling bad and sleep deprived because of this. Over nothing naman pala. Eventually, things fell into place and new doors were opened. Doors as in plural. Been stressing myself out over nothing.

Oh well, aside from the fact that my schedule is over the top these days. I just feel like I need and deserve a long break. I want to go to a beach and relax. Kelan kaya? Sigh


On my previous post about performance rating, apparently I still got a high mark. Discussed it with one of the leaders and she said just be thankful as others were not so lucky as I was. Mataas lang siguro talaga expectation ko sa sarili ko. I really should manage that.

I just need to divert all this energy spent on overthinking to other more productive activities.

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