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December 17, 2018

of haircuts and living

filipinos are so creative. so they were saying that if our PH bet loses never have your hair cut at the salon lagot ang buhok mo sa bading, but if she wins, by all means do it. baka free pa plus rebond. hahah funny ano? so i just had this crazy thought, why the hell did i get that haircut yesterday? sana today na lang after manalo ni Catriona, nakalibre pa sana ako. hehehe

kidding aside, it's been months that i've been meaning to get that darn haircut. but couldn't find the time to do so. until yesterday while waiting for a friend at the shang mall for lack of better things to do, decided to get my hair cut. wanted it short really (i guess it comes with age...hahaha less maintenance sana) but my hair is not that cooperative so as long as i can still put it up in a tie, i'm fine.

anyway, after that hair cut went to a wake somewhere in quezon ave. my friend who went there also just lost her dad a few months ago. i lost my mom last March. now another friend lost her dad. i don't know what's up with 2018 but a lot of friends have been losing people they love. only goes to show how fleeting life is. so just live it like you have only a day to live and love like there is no tomorrow.

{ music } scared to be lonely -martin garrix, dua lipa
{ book } big little lies - liane moriarty
{ mood } reflective

Written by princess_bride at 05:52 PM.

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"Smile like you've never cried, Fight like you never lost, Love like you've never been hurt, And live like you'll die tomorrow."


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