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"If Friday had a face, I would kiss it." ~ Anon.


So here I am kissing Friday at Eastwood. Normally I work from home on Fridays, just to get away from the horrific traffic. (well car is coding too) However, there is this face to face meeting we need to attend to at work. Maybe because of our company's 80th anniversary in PH. So it's fine. One Friday won't hurt. =) Was about to take Uber but it was way too expensive so had to commute. Namiss ko ang usok sa kalsada. Hahaha!

On another note, a colleague from Thailand sent me a message through our ofc chat and said

Always see you online from early morning to late of night, haha    
working so hard 9:16:42 AM

Well, I guess the good thing about this is that in between I can compensate especially if I get to work from home. My meetings are usually late nights. This is the norm when you work for a global company and you have a global position. But no issue as I work hard and play harder. =)

Business travel coming up soon. SG this time. It was 9 years since my last travel to SG. I bet it has changed a lot. Will be staying for 12 days. Longer business trip this time. Full packed work schedule. And fall plan is coming up. Busy days ahead.

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Just the other day I was oggling over Chris Pratt on his transformation from chubby to hottie. As in pinagnanasaan ko sya hahaha I'm so lame! Anyway, shocked over his divorce with Anna Faris from their 8 yr marriage. It's sad and madami nalungkot. Nalungkot din ako, pero kung kapitbahay lang kita.....I would've knocked on your door and comforted you....with a big hug and a slimy kiss. Shet masama na ito! hahaha

Kelan ko kaya matatapos binabasa ko. Ang dami ko kse activities pag weekend, paguwi ng bahay pagod na so I sleep like a log. And when I get depressed or sad, I have the strong urge to watch a kdrama pang tanggal ng stress. Hahaha I know...excuses!

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Do you have that tattered and torn clothing you still keep it and wear all the time? I do. I have this FUBU shirt bought in greenhills that is still with me like more than 20 yrs now. I couldn't let it go. It's super comfy with light cotton material. Gutay gutay na nasa cabinet ko pa din. And yes I still wear it. Sarap kaya sa katawan. Hehehe may partner na leggings yun. It's black but super faded na sa sobrang tagal. Nilusutan ako ng mga kasama ko sa bahay at tinapon ng di ko alam. Grrrrr...

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