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July 16, 2017

turning korean and work matters

Finally gave in and had my kdrama fix yesterday. Finished 13 episodes in less than a day. And somehow I feel uplifted. I'm such a sucker for chick flicks. Hahaha Well, kdrama/ kpop is so mainstream these days. I guess it started when they showed Goblin on ABS-CBN. I watched it way before it got the interest of the Philippine audience and I must say it's one of the best if not the best kdrama I have ever watched. The cinematography was superb! And the lead actor Gong Yoo was my super duper crush since Coffee Prince.

I love everything Korean. My dream is to go to Seoul one of these days and get to taste Korean food and see the beautiful sceneries I always watch on their kdramas. I already go around Korean restaurants here. But there's nothing like the real thing right? Have been going to korean groceries as well to buy the famous banana milk and soju. I got to taste the chum churum peach flavored soju in the US and it was refereshingly different from other alcoholic drinks. Honestly, ginawa ko syang softdrinks. Hahaha

Ok off of my korean soapbox. =) Been feeling overly sensitive these days. My tears just fall on short videos I watch. It's crazy! Good thing I'm alone in the room and no one gets to judge me. Hehehe Damn hormones!

On the career front, fall plan is coming up fast. I need to do my preparations as early as now. But can't seem to be motivated enough to start on anything. Is this a bad sign? Oh well, I love my work, but I'm beginning to get bored. I feel like I still can do more. Should get back to that growth mindset. I guess I need to study and learn more.

{ music } song for love - lyn
{ book } The light between oceans - ML Stedman
{ show } My Secret Romance
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Written by princess_bride at 09:55 AM.

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