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April 24, 2017

digital footprint

due to a recent privacy issue i had on FB, i just got too paranoid in maintaining my social media accounts. i actually deactivated my FB account and just maintained twitter, pinterest and instagram..or those accounts where i have limited personal information that can be used by whoever for whatever evil purpose they are thinking. honestly, for someone who keeps in touch with friends on FB (well i maintained my messenger though) it was a very difficult move to deactivate. it's like being in the dark. i guess this is me on withdrawal mode.

i have to decrease my digital footprint lest someone wants to stalk. it's just too scary what people can do. i heard of a couple in Australia where their FB accounts were stalked and someone used their personal information to apply for a credit card. it got approved and the couple learned about it when the credit card bill was delivered to their home. another one, also in Australia, where people stalk their FB accounts and learned that they were out on vacation, so they ransacked their house, stole everything they can and left the family with nothing.

i didn't think these were possible. but these were real stories of people who are friends of friends that can vouch that they have heard of the stories first hand. in my case, nothing like that happened. but it's scary when strangers add all your friends and send messages asking them to tell you to contact them. it is downright creepy!!!

so there. on another note, the heat this summer is terrible! i just don't want to leave my airconditioned room or office. i mean you don't even need to move and you'd be dripping wet with perspiration. i didn't think i'd every say this but can the rainy season come forward please?

{ book } everything, everything - nicola yoon
{ mood } hopeful

Written by princess_bride at 03:54 PM.

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