"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Agree! I have been to two countries since my last post. One was in Paris, France which was my first time to visit. The other one was in Tokyo, Japan which last I have visited was in 2010. Both were business trips but had the chance to squeeze in some personal time which was awesome.

I was also able to travel in my previous job but only within Asia Pacific with the exception of Japan. In my current job, I was able to go to the US, Australia and France all within just almost two years of employment. The perks of having a global post is the exposure to a multi-cultural work environment and cross boarder collaboration. Plus the fact that my bosses are generous enough to give us time to roam around and discover these countries.

I digress, I am not the most adventurous person out there. Nor am I the healthiest who can do the walking all day. But I survived. (I almost did not though...hahaha) We walked a lot....especially in Japan. Though with an efficient subway system, just transferring to another train line can make you walk 300 meters or more. So you get to walk at least 1km per day. It was exhausting. It's good I brought with me comfy shoes or I die. hahaha

So now back to PH, and to doing my regular stuff. It's 2017 fall plan preparation and been to a lot of late night meetings the past few days. It's going to get a lot more busy until the deadline which is end of November. I am just so looking forward to a much needed vacation in December. (crossing my fingers)

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Posted by princess_bride on October 20, 2016 at 04:25 PM | dance with me
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