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i have been binge-reading over the weekend. finished Murakami's What I talk about when I talk about running. found out that you can always start with any physical activity regardless as long as you set your mind to it. followed it with David Levithan's Every Day and Six Earlier Days. interesting reads.  thought about what if i lived as a different person each day? how would that pan out? it would be a challenge i'm sure.  i also watched the movie Me Before You - still as tragic as the book. sigh

how fast time flies? we just finished half the year. and it still feels like i have so much to do with so little time. fall plan season is coming soon. my ex-boss said he feels like i don't need him anymore. he said my name's out there and i am getting recognized for my work. i don't think that's accurate though. i still feel like i have so much to learn from him. he is a few years younger than i am but i guess in terms of cultural differences he has a better batting average of keeping up with the attitude of most people in the org. my current boss seem to think i am too kind.

i don't know but i feel like i should be somewhere else other than here. i don't know if it's the company i am employed in or the country i live in. i have never had these thoughts before. i mean feeling like i should live somewhere else. my trip to Australia is a big eye opener for me. i should have had these thoughts when i was younger. now at this age, it may be too late. well, i just think that if it's for me, i could find a way. i hope so.

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(Roy Kim - OST Another Miss OH)

You’re pretending to be ok, trying to smile
But sadness is in your eyes, always

I know your scars better than anyone else
But I can’t say anything so it hurts

What should I do with my feelings?
Like the wind, you messed up my heart

But maybe for a long time
I’ve been waiting for you

I tried to be indifferent and turn away
But the more I avoided you, the more I missed you

Now I can’t hide my heart any longer
Like the wind, you messed up my heart

But maybe for a long time
I’ve been waiting for you

Feels like I went through all those things
In order to meet you

You’re like the starlight
Like the starlight
You came into my dark heart

Maybe I have met you
To finally find happiness


I just love watching kdramas. The plot is very unpredictable. Plus the fact that most of the OST's are awesome. (kahit di ko maintindihan hahaha) Since the english series I have been following are all now on break, it's either I'm binge-reading or doing my kdrama marathon. Gosh such a sedentary life, no social activities at all. Hahah I should be catching up with friends soon. =)

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so after a long while, i'm meeting up with friends tonight. we are a group of 9 girls who all got together when i was with my previous employer. they were my regular breakfast company, thus the group name - the breakfast club. we'd plan out bbq parties at whoever would want to host. either at the white house (marikina) or mother's house in blue ridge. we'd do some karaoke, get drunk with patron, catching up, and simply have fun. tonight it's going to be in blue ridge.

i'm so looking forward to this. i haven't been going out with friends for a while now. been busy at work and stuff. the fact is, i needed a break. i need a social life. hahaha so a break from binge tv series watching and reading. thank God it's friday! have a great weekend tabby peeps. Wink

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