It has been awhile since my last post. So much has happened. And yet somehow I wasn't inspired to write. I created another blog which I managed to write the initial entry...and then nothing. I planned to write regularly but it didn't happen. I am still comfortable using tabulas for sharing my thoughts. I wish it had more features like the others. But I guess that's why I am drawn to tabs, the simplicity and the user friendly interface keeps me going back.

So updates. Where should I start? Work - business isn't doing good. Transformation activities involved cutting down on headcount. Lost a few friends in the process. But I guess there really is no other constant thing than "change". On a positive note, got nominated to be a part of the Lean 6 sigma program. Where I have to go through rigid training and be able to implement a project  by the end of the year. Quite a challenge especially that my team lost one headcount and I had to redistribute workload amongst us. 

On the homefront - we currently don't have househelp. My previous one whom I have helped go to college have found a job and is able to help her own family now. Although it does feel good to be able to help, the downside is me and my kids are doing household chores on our own. Would have been better if I'm a stay-at-home-mom. But this is not the case so still struggling how to go thru this now. 

Crafts - with all the hoolabaloo going on at work and at home I have found another stress reliever activity to help me go by. I'm making loombands. I haven't created my own style (not really the creative type), but been doing a lot of advanced ones which I get from Youtube and its keeping me busy during down time at home.

Photography - haven't held my cam ("Pepper") for a long while now. And this goes hand in hand with my travelling. Been to KL last Feb but wasn't able to bring my cam as I knew I couldn't find the time to squeeze in to go around since my business trip was jampacked with whole day mtgs and activities. Might go on another business trip this July to Bangkok, hope I could find time then.

Reading - wow missed a lot on this hobby of mine. doing loombands is taking so much of my time. hahahah. need to get back on track on this.

Work out - ever since the time we lost people at work, we lost enrolled members as well in our office workout activities. Maybe should replace this with running or walking soon.

Writing - so I'm starting again now here in Tabulas. Hopefully, I can sustain this as regular as I can. Let's see.

Actual state of the heart - hahah that really didn't sound as "mature" as I wanted it to be. All I can say is - I survived! Though there are regrets that there are just some things not meant to be, you know what you have done was for the best.  "Love is an open door." Touche!

Posted by princess_bride on June 19, 2014 at 02:47 PM | dance with me
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