You say, "keep my head from going down"
Just for a little, just for a little
Watch my feet float off the ground
Just for a little, just for a little
Love, if you can hear this sound
Oh, just give me something, something to believe in

~ Parachute

i think i've reached that point when i just got too tired of trying to make whatever-this-is work. any relationship as the old adage go would "take two to tango". i get this feeling that its such a desperate effort to reach out to you. i have always been vocal to you abt this. you would always promise "babawi ka" but it never happens. i guess being just a speck of dust in your busy life means easy me to dispose, easy me to ignore. 

i don't get it really. am i being too needy? am i being too demanding? not even! i never demanded anything from you. i just think that as an old friend i deserve something too. more than your quick to dismiss text messages. or your lame excuse of being too busy to care. i am a busy person too. 

pls stop giving me mixed signals. sometimes you care, but i always have to initiate everything. pls just give me something to believe in. to believe that this friendship is worth keeping and worth all this pent up emotions that i am too afraid to show or let alone define for fear of losing you just like before. 

please...just for a little...just give me something...something to believe in.

Posted by princess_bride on February 29, 2012 at 09:42 AM | dance with me
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