it's almost the time of the month and i'm getting these weird signs of aging. i think i need to see my doc so i can manage these raging hormones. crap!  

workload is quite light this week. atmosphere at the office where people are  like walking on eggs due to the org restructure to be implemented in the next few months. they call it transformation. a nice way to say headcount reduction. been there done that. it's not something to look forward to but everyone should prepare for in any case it happens. 

tried tweaking my blog here and there. not so familiar with the codes so it took quite a while to get what i want somehow. oh well....

i seriously need to get back on my reading. (among other things) i'm stuck in a rut and it's my own doing. i should stop waiting for things to happen. 

shit my brain is all over the place....=(

Currently listening to: it's all been done - barenaked ladies
Currently feeling: needy
Posted by princess_bride on February 21, 2012 at 12:53 PM | dance with me
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