finally, was able to fix my layout. of course with the help of my daughter who made the header. cool! but still, kinda conscious that there are so many pictures of me here. might change it to a more subtle header one of these days. looks like i'm so vain when i'm really not. hahah.

been awhile since my last entry. i dunno just got tired of writing i guess. or got too busy with a lot of things. but admittedly, i just can't forget abt this space of mine. which i have kept for 5 yrs (excluding my old accounts). looking back when i created this, i was going through something very painful that time and  i had to leave the old account so i can somehow move on.

so here i am. battle scarred but a better person. learned so much from that experience. i mean, i know i deserve better. so a lot of things happened after that. the healing was never an easy task. but i was able to get through it. now i know that in another corner of the world, there is another soul who is going through the same thing i went through before. i wish i can advise some survival tips, but sometimes its better to find out on your own.

funny, by some twist of fate i found out some things abt my "past". tsk tsk tsk. some things never change. oh well, i really shouldn't care but i really feel for her. i'm just lucky i got out of it earlier and did not allow it to drag longer than she did. because really, he's just not that into you and i learned that the hard way. so i wish you luck kid.

Currently listening to: overboard - jessica jarrel & justin bieber
Currently reading: velocity - d. koontz
Currently feeling: sympathetic
Posted by princess_bride on June 13, 2010 at 10:03 AM | dance with me
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