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wala lang just saw this tv show with this title. natuwa lang ako. i wish i was one though. pero right now no matter how i try to be this superhero juggling everything at a time parang feeling ko naman sasabog na mundo ko. i guess i'm just so overly stressed out. so decided to take a 3-day leave from work. mega-rest. well, sort of. coz i have to catch up with my doc's check-up etc etc.

i want to do so many things. read a book, hit the gym regularly, help out my kids with their assignments (which is so effing many), take care of my bunso (who just recently transferred from a 5 yr stay with her lola),  keep up with my office adhoc reports, cook, maintain a long-distance relationship. at kung ano ano pa. nakakalokah! i sleep late like 1am (to chat with hubby) and get up at 4:15 to bathe and dress up my youngest for school and see that my kids eat breakfast. afterwhich i should prepare for work.

at 3pm whether i'm in a mtg or whatever have to call home to comfort my youngest (coz she cries if I don't keep that promise) that i'll try to be home early from work and teach her with her assignments/ quizzes, etc. she's so used to lola, sobrang baby. i know we are both adjusting, and i have to keep reminding myself that this is what i want and i have to be super duper patient. nabibili sana yun. hehehe.

i am not complaining. i am just tired. how i wish i have super powers. i can do all these things at one time. now i get to experience how difficult it is to be a single parent juggling between your kids, your career and your personal life. nakakapayat sana itong ginagawa ko. hahaha.

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I was working from home when i received the news last friday a.m. abt the Jakarta Hotel bombings. Saw it when i opened my ym account. I was shocked and disturbed. I stayed in both hotels on separate occassions during business trips last year and just this May. I saw how they strictly implemented security measures that's why I was wondering how the hell it happened. One colleague was not comfortable checking in at the Marriott because there was a history already of bombing attacks I think two years ago. We were staying at the Ritz then. I shrugged it off, I was very optimistic that we were safe. Felt even more at home when I checked in at the Marriott in May of this year.

I pity the families of those who lost their loved ones and for those who got hurt. Most of our colleagues check in both hotels as they are accredited by our Company. It's good that during that time nobody from NSN was there. Still, prayers should be said for those who suffered and for enlightenment of those who choose to disturb peace. With what happened I don't think I would ever feel at home again in any country that I travel to. I hope I get over this feeling in my next trip. Wherever that is!

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just imagine while opening your bag to get your wallet and pay for your fx fare you see this yellow plastic toy inside. yup, bumble bee happened to be in my bag this morning. for some reason my youngest daughter put him inside. i was telling her that an officemate of mine knows how to convert it to a car. believe me, i tried following the instructions but couldn't get it together. so i guess she wanted me to bring the bee to my friend and let her sort out how to make the robot into a car. hehehe.

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