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i got these helpful tips from www.ehow.com on how to fight fb addiction. hahaha...hindi ko ata kaya. tsk tsk tsk



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i had two cups of coffee today. one in the morning and one before leaving work. the second cup was not a good idea. i usually can manage one cup. more than that it triggers a bad headache. true enough here i am. thinking of ways to clear the tense muscles on my neck and the terrible brewing headache. ang tigas kasi ng ulo. alam ko naman hanggang san lang kaya ng powers ko. eh inaantok kse ako. hayy.

weekend was fun. took a leave last friday till monday. went to launion to attend a family reunion. it was a blast. reconnecting with your roots from time to time can be so much fun. the great thing is we get to connect even in facebook. hehehe. oo na addict na nga eh.

the best part was the trip on the way home. my kids, my brother-in-law and sis in-law were fooling around the van. makukulit sobra. hindi ako nakatulog. so nung pagod na sila...ako naman ang nangulit. akala nila ha. pati yung driver naaliw sa amin. at least hindi boring. 

henyways, kelangan ko na matulog. sakit talaga headache ko. =(

....gotta go, gotta hike, gotta do something with my life (sheila d - new wave dj nung panahon ko)

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it was a choice between:

thundercats, happy campers or the pusakal dolls

hahaha. thundercats sounded so "yesterday" so yun na nga lang ang pinili. better than the "golden girls" diba? hahaha.

anyway, so it was the first time we spent the whole day together bonding. (well of course other than the occassional trip to Judy in Zambales) we had so much fun. just to share how we spent the whole day:

10:00am Aura Salon Katipunan - maniped, foot spa (the best)

12:30nn MyThai Eastwood Mall - lunch and window shopping

4:00pm Nature Spa Katipunan - body spa, facial

7:00pm Jack's Loft - dinner (riot!!!)

11:30pm back home

it was a fun-filled day. full of laughter, bonding, gossipping, pampering...the works. majority of us have been friends for 20 yrs some even more. we have seen each other through our best and our worst. i am just happy to have such good friends around. i feel so blessed.

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