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Hmm…been a long time without updates. So much have been going on in my so-called life. Mostly, busy with work. The upcoming business trip to Singapore is taking a toll on me. Action items and unresolved issues should be done and cleared before we take off. And our external auditor (who I thought was done bugging me) came back with a vengeance. Requesting from me nitty gritty schedules that could take so much of my time. Oh well, I have my priorities intact that’s for sure. The auditors have to wait for awhile. That is until I come back. And I have my Boss’ go signal on this. Cool!

On a different note, for the life of me, I just can’t understand people who tend to be out of touch most of the time. I just feel that most of the efforts to reach out are coming from me, and I feel bad and totally taken for granted. The thing is, I’m getting tired of this game. I just need to be told if my presence is needed or not and like what I did before, I will just back down. I don’t need anybody to patronize me. And I am not asking for too much. Just a little time and some effort to initiate any kind of communication. Sometimes it just feels good to be needed or to be appreciated. You feel more human that way. Otherwise, you’d feel like an old used toy.

Alright, did I sound selfish there? I guess at some point you have to realize that a relationship is a two-way thing. You want to walk your journey holding hands and not groping in the dark in fear that you will fall in a bottomless pit without anybody reaching out for you. Sad isn’t it? Well, I think I am magnetized to these kind of scenarios. Either I am being such an attention seeker or I have so many selfish people in my life. Hmm…I think I am getting a bad ratio analysis there. This outpour is not getting me anywhere, I am feeling more bad as I go on.

Change topic: To a friend (Tuliro) who is leaving for Dubai tomorrow. I wish you luck in your new endeavor (I think I’ve told you this already) Its sad that we didn’t get the time to “bond” but I hope we can do this in the future. Pls do keep in touch. I know how lonely it can get to be away from your family. Just keep your music playing. Bon voyage!
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Posted by princess_bride on February 10, 2008 at 12:32 AM | 4 danced with me
sad to be in a place where the merlion sits but could not see it coz i'm bad at directions. my brain couldn't deal with it and i wouldn't want to explore the place alone for fear of not finding my way back to the hotel. silly me.

singapore is a great place. changi is such a fantastic airport. good thing i have an officemate with me when i arrived. someone who has been here many times. but we came here for different agenda's. she's going back ahead...and we are checked in different hotels.

the hotel reservation was a challenge to the organizer as our workshop is in the same time as the airshow (whatever that is) however, royal plaza on scotts is cool still. open bar, daily breakfast, wifi, king sized bed, 32" lcd tv, big scented candles in the lobby which scent is very prominent and can still be smelled in the hallway going to your room.

i admire how they came up with such an organized, clean and decent place. taxi drivers are suplado and most of them have a hard time speaking and understanding english. lots of expats and cool bars in clark quay. btw, i left my mobile in a cab...and couldn't believe that it was returned to me. crime rate is at a min...grabe kse penalty hinahataw daw talaga.

so much to say......so little time....sighhhh....

hope i could share pictures one of these days.

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Posted by princess_bride on February 19, 2008 at 06:24 PM | 4 danced with me
i'm back. nothing beats the comfort of your own home. was able to get sleep and rest yesterday. as in 4 hrs in the afternoon. sarap! i missed my kids. they were all over me when i got home. they missed me too. now i confirmed that i cannot spend long days away from them. matagal na nga yung one week.

first thing i did last sat was to prepare lunch for them. they missed my cooking as well. so it was beef mechado for lunch then. wash out. heheheh tapos rest...tapos this morning pizza pandesal...tapos now chicken curry. hehehe i'm the queen of the kitchen. :D

what else do i miss? a warm hug, holding hands, the loving look, the whole PDA stuff. namimiss ko talaga. mahirap maging OFW wife. parati kang tigang...ksp...kaso wala ka naman magawa diba? you have to find ways to vent out that inner steam. magluto, matulog, kalikutin ang ipod, magbasa, makipagkulitan sa anak. at the end of the day....nakakalungkot pa din isipin na wala kang katabing kalambingan sa gabi. isipin mo na lang sa kabilang dulo ng mundo...nalulungkot din ang asawa mo at namimiss din makipaglambingan syo.

ok...i have so much going on at work still. the workshop was just a part of the whole bruhaha. we have one month before the integrated system goes live. it is just so flattering to hear from the project leads that the Philippines is very efficient. at least kahit pano you feel that your efforts are well appreciated. sulit ang pagod at puyat...sulit ang working ng weekends...sulit ang pagtrabaho sa gabi. mabuti na lang workaholic ako. aside from my kids, i have something to keep my mind off the physical and emotional longing.

oo na...i'm a self confessed horny gal. hahahah :D
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Posted by princess_bride on February 25, 2008 at 12:57 PM | 4 danced with me
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