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wow, its been quite awhile since i got myself writing anything interesting. i can't promise an interesting entry though. hehehe

its been quite busy at work. singapore trip didn't push through due to some miscommunication. i guess travelling is not for me this year. maybe next...yeah, why not? two integration projects on my head. one that should be done 3 wks from now and another that should go live by april '08. not to mention that its year end and interim audit going on. so what more can i ask for right? hahaha but i'm enjoying every bit of it. its been almost six months and i'm happy where i'm at.

not that work is taking much of my time. although my hands are full i get to relax from time to time. i recently went out with friends to Josephine's tagaytay just to have dinner and coffee. hahaha and its freaking cold out there. i'd love to go back though. other than that, ts pretty much work and home for me. i still cook on weekends. and i am surprised that cooking three meals a day can be such a full time job. hahaha

christmas is just around the corner and i haven't done any of my christmas shopping yet. i don't know, i just don't feel like doing it this year. sigh. my hubby's got it covered for my kids anyway. i think we'd just have to spend christmas with my inlaws this year. that way my kids won't notice that i'd like to mope. hahaha so childish i know. i just want to hybernate. besides, i don't think i'd get much vacation except for those that are imposed by law.

so what am i saying here? its christmas and this sex-starved, workaholic woman wants to have fun....but can't. drats!
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Posted by princess_bride on December 6, 2007 at 10:32 PM | 1 danced with me
i've been reading a lot of blogs from my friends list in tabs. there are a handful of people who can really write and i just wonder where they get the inspiration to come up with such wonderful pieces. i am more of a reader than a writer. but i always wished i had the talent to come out with something good to read. well, wishful thinking.

its a pity how i know of some great writers who hardly post anything on their blogs due to some reason. maybe they are just not aware of how their pieces can inspire or motivate others. to some point even make their readers fall in love with the kind of person they are reflected in their compositions.

its the way they express their thoughts, their outlook in life, their principles, their way with words, their character....you don't have to see them to be able to know how wonderful they are in person. more often than not its beyond the physical attraction...there is something deeper....something that connected the reader and the writer in a given piece.

to sum it up, to all writers out there...continue giving inspiration to others...you just might not know how big an impact you are making to a stranger or a friend. and if anyone gives you a comment, give a comment back...it might be a cry for help and you might just be the person who can get them back on their feet.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

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GISELDA - Origin: Derived from the Germanic Giselhilda, formed from gisil "arrow" and hildjo, "battle, war."

an expat at work got intrigued at my birth name and googled it. i'm sure that it is unique as i haven't heard anyone i know named exactly as me. never even crossed my mind to google its meaning until today.

for a while i never have appreciated my given name. mainly because it was always used by my mom whenever she'd scold me. therefore the negative effect on me. now that i know its origin somehow made me look at it on a more positive note.

imagine after all these years, i detested anyone calling me my real name. only to find out that my name's meaning somehow reflects on my personality. i seem to be always at war. putting myself behind my armor. ready to shoot my arrow whenever i get hurt.

and my mind wanders further....as the song goes, would you know my name, if i saw you in heaven?
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i usually have a wishlist that i keep in my wallet. something that doesn't need the christmas season for me to come up with. i know i can buy them but being a mom of 3 i have other priorities than my own list. at least the thought that i can buy them is enough.

well, this year santa claus sent me something from qatar. and 2 items from my wishlist have been crossed out. i think i've been good this year. and i deserve a reward for being good. hehehe



merry christmas everyone.

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... and when they do...they definitely KICKASS!!! YEAH BABY!

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