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the past week was not that toxic at work yet. my boss was in only for three days and for two days she was "home-office" status. which means time to study for me again. haven't really gotten in the system yet.

one, my other laptop is taking eons to deliver. encountered a glitch during the ordering process. apparently, my boss ordered an old model. which was the only available one in the catalog when she made the order. so asar na asar kme kse ang tagal ng singapore kumilos. they could have informed us earlier so we could have made the necessary arrangements. hindi po, they waited for us to follow it up. grrrrr

the laptop i have now have super sensitive security firewalls that my office email cannot be installed. so i have to use my personal email just to keep things going. funny thing was when i called someone in singapore to discuss something, the person literally laughed at me when she learned i don't have email yet. sighh

now for the good news....i decided to continue my gym membership at gold's. attended my first spinning class in makati last friday. gosh sumakit katawan ko. its been a long while na din. i think a month since i last attended a class. and i still feel my muscles aching till now. well, masasanay din ako ulit. mahirap lang is i have to take long walks going to the gym. unlike when i was in galleria. super lapit lang. howell, exercise na din yun. sana effective.

at the homefront...kids exam week. had to monitor their study time. otherwise puro computer ang gagawin ng mga to. my son is now aware how fun it is to play in a computer shop. he'd rather play there than here at home. big boy na talaga sya. my daughter naman grabe magtext till wee hours of the morning. teenager na kse. swerte sya uso na mga cellphone. samantalang nung panahon ko. ni landline wala. kaya ang lovelife ko puro patago. hahahah

yesterday i cooked fish escabeche for lunch, french toast for merienda and spareribs with sauce nung dinner. all because of my kids who requested that they wanted me to cook for them. career na ito. syempre kelangan may kodigo. hahah. ngayon may silbi na yung katakot takot na collection ko ng recipe books.
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Posted by princess_bride on August 5, 2007 at 10:09 AM | dance with me
tried going to work yesterday morning. the weather was really bad but i was new at work so i had to make an effort to be there inspite of the obstacles. well, knowing mandaluyong to be flooded even without a typhoon i practically tried to weather the storm...but failed.

couldn't get a ride along boni. not so far from where i was standing were vehicles trying to go through sea-like flood. there were a few who walked thru it. i thought abt it for awhile. but told myself i wouldn't want to stress myself that much. so i turned around and walked back home.

it was a welcome idea though. to stay at home that is. texted my boss and told her my predicament. i said i will just let the floods subside and go to work after lunch. she texted back and said that she heard from the radio that mandaluyong going to makati is knee deep in water and told me to stay home if its unsafe to go to work.

wow, she's so understanding. i guess its the culture. work is not that hectic yet so i was excused from going to work yesterday. yehey. as soon as i received the msg from my boss i went back to sleep. was only able to get 3 hours sleep the night before. as usual, my bed was amess with all the tossing and turning i've done that night. at least i had the whole day to make up for sleeping.

late in the afternoon, learned hubby texted that he was online. alas, saw him in his room via webcam. he was able to buy a laptop already. yehey, we can chat all we want without him having to travel 20mins to get online. he said he thought abt me the night before. excited to tell me the news abt the laptop. hahaha so he was the culprit for my lack of sleep.

now i'm back in the rat race. i have a report to submit due today. at least i had enough sleep and energy to get thru the day.

Lord thank you for the blessings. Pls help the people affected by the rains. Provide for them safe shelter and food. I pray for the sick and the homeless. Pls make them well and keep them warm. Amen.
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Posted by princess_bride on August 9, 2007 at 09:57 AM | 6 danced with me
party night....a friends bday bash. the first gimik after a long long while. had two bottles of vodka cruiser...di na ako sanay. barfed and got dizzy after awhile. masyado ko ata minadali. or it takes getting used to ulit.

the band urbanation was great....rnb style. after 3 sets ran along for coffee....3am na ako nakauwi. hahaha uwi ba yan ng matinong ina??? howell, minsan lang naman.

snagged my site's theme from up4grabs site. it was shared by a tabulista as well...see the credits. thanks for this great layout...tamang tama sa akin. love it so much.

loving the long weekend. pampering day ko today....went to the salon for a foot spa and hot oil for my hair. massage sana. howell, next time siguro.

lots of time for snuggling with my kids....i love the rainy days.

..........parang may kulang pa din. sigh
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Posted by princess_bride on August 19, 2007 at 11:33 PM | 4 danced with me
yup, on my ride home i heard this christmas song over the radio that the jeepney driver's been listening to. weird, it gave me goosebumps. its only august for crying out loud. what's the rush?

okey, the thought of christmas is freaking me out. number one, hubby is not around. malamig ang pasko ko in other words. syempre iba pa din kung complete ang family. number two, i miss my dad. its my second christmas without him.

on the other hand, i have to stop thinking of my selfish motives. christmas is celebrating His birth. i should be able to show my kids how to make Christmas more meaningful this year. so i have to stop stressing myself out. no worries...

i'm getting the hang of being a single parent already. and am actually starting to enjoy it. aside from the cooking that my kids request during my restdays, we get to go out more often. yesterday, went out shopping for them. sarap ng feeling. hehehe hubby said i should have bought something for myself. sabi ko next time na lang. i love to see them happy.

happy din naman ako. kse i share in their happiness. how? for example, the new gameboy slot that has 185 games...magandang pampaantok ko yun sa gabi. hahahah... one more thing, ayoko na mastress out pag naririnig ko na wala na silang maisuot. they grow up so fast. grabe. sarap nilang bihisan. especially my girls. my living dolls.

life is short....so let's make the most out of it.

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Posted by princess_bride on August 28, 2007 at 07:58 PM | 2 danced with me
i pretty much get affected easily by things. i can be such a pessimist at times not even realizing it until well...until things are a bit sailing smoothly. so the first that really get to suffer is my sleeping habits. either i sleep too much or i don't sleep at all. extremes really. and it hits differently in various situations and times.

so let me share to you the things i do to try to get enough sleep (i'd rather oversleep than not sleep at all):

1) count sheeps - hahaha halata bang sesame street era ako nanggaling?

2) read a good book - well that is if i get hold of one. hardly even have the time to go to a bookstore. sigh

3) surf the net - i visit these sites consistently friendster, tabulas, imeem, and gmail.

4) play gameboy - so u think that this gadget is only for kids...well you're wrong.

5) find someone on my celfon's addressbook who i can bug all night. hehehe

6) wait for hubby to go online and chat with him till wee hours of the morning (we are 5 hours ahead in the Phils)

okey and the rest are trivial things (as if the above matters) that i'd rather not discuss right now.

god, i miss a warm body beside me at night. you get what i mean. its driving me crazyyy....hahahah
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Posted by princess_bride on August 30, 2007 at 10:46 PM | 2 danced with me
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