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yep, i've been hitting the gym for over a month now. its not a daily thing though. i go to Gold's at least three times a week. very accessible place just walking distance from my office.

after the initial orientation, due to my health problems i can only go as far as joining the basic classes, do the treadmill and the elliptical. i guess once i lose the bulges the other muscle toning equipment will follow. its a looooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg way to go. you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 lbs damn! and i average only 300 calories a day. so that's just 1 lbs a month. geeezzz this can take forever.

the treadmill is easy. tried it 30 mins the first time...and then gradually increased it to an hour. the elliptical is something else. initially i can only manage 3 mins. and my legs hurt like hell. but i overcame that and now since i burn more calories using this, i do an hour in the elliptical 3x a week. and i feel great.

its a lot of sacrifice to go to the gym as frequent as this. but my mind is set that i can do this. its for my own health anyway.

so, tara na.....gym tayo!

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the long weekend has passed and it seems that my mind is yearning for a longer break. why? because while everybody is out in the beach/ pool to have fun or in church to pray, i was at home scattered brain trying to finish up the financial reports due for my sideline's filing of ITR on Apr 16.

i went to bulacan black saturday to gather more data for the reports. and yesterday met up with some professionals to look at the finished product. almost done. however, i think for the first quarter filing (which have the same deadline as the 2006 itr) i won't be able to finish it up. i might resort to having estimated figures and adjust it for the second quarter.

grabe this is how it is to work double time to earn enough to keep my family afloat. my hubby has been asking me if i regret marrying him as he cannot afford to give me the life i had when i was still with my parents. i answered: i didn't ask for a luxurious life. i just want enough to pay the bills, be able to provide for good education for my kids and extra to give comfort to my 3 growing babies.

life is hard as it is. but as long as my kids are happy then i feel very fulfilled and successful no matter how tiring it is to handle multiple jobs.

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