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i saw this in iamkarlo's page...well he could spell out his name and i couldn't so i'll use my tabbies username instead. marami akong favorite artists na wala sa initials ng username ko...pero for now this should do.

there was this thing abt an ultimate song for me - problema yun kse madami akong gustong kanta. pero currently i always play You're my everything by Anita Baker - its such an intense song for me. i get so immersed in the song i forget i'm at the office...

P -  Pussy Cat Dolls (I wish I could dance and move like them...hahaha), Plumb (real, world collide)

R - Rascall Flatts (love the Bless the Broken Road song)

I -  Indie Arie (Eyes of the Heart is such a meaningful song you can only hope that people can see thru the eyes of their hearts. Can I walk with you is another song of hers that i like)

N - Nelly Furtado (the beat of Say It Right can make me move or dance or whatever.)

C - Chris Daughtry (It's Over transcends me to emo mode)

E - Evanescence (their songs can bring me to places currently love Lithium)

S - Stacie Orrico (pls Take Me Away with you)

S - Sarah Mclachlan (she have nice songs too...Adia, Angel, Full of Grace,  I will remember you...etc.)

B - Brandy (sitting up in my room, the boy is mine,etc.)  Brian Mcknight, Babyface, Beyonce

R - Ryan Cabrera (40 kinds of sadness, Photo)

I - Imago (addicting yung rendition nila ng Spolarium)

D - Dying Young OST (pang-emo mode ito);  Dishwalla (my all time favorite band - counting blue cars, home, angels or devils, collide, every little thing,  somewhere in the middle are just a few of the songs i love from this band)

E - Eric Benet (nice love songs sung by this guy Still with You, I wanna be loved, The Last Time, Spend my Life with You, etc.)


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how fast time flies. my eldest daughter graduated from elementary last week. and i can't help but reminisce on her growing up years. grabe i can't believe that the baby i used to cuddle is a grown up lady now. she's almost as tall as i am and have big feet (size 9 can you imagine?) a half size bigger than mine. and she's just 12 going 13 this year. geez.

lately she's been receiving calls and text msgs at wee hours in the morning. and i was teasing her all the time. can't believe any guy would like her. not that i am underestimating her its just that she's too suplada for their taste. and she still have all these baby fat. nakakatuwa lang na she's sharing these things with me. something i wasn't able to do with my mom before.

narealize ko lang. my baby is not a kid anymore. suddenly i feel so old. sigh. i worry for her but i 'd like to trust her that she'll prioritize her studies even with all the boys that's been trying to get her attention. i'd like it to be different this time. not like during my teenager years when my parents were so strict with me i rebelled against them. with my daughter i am more open-minded but still properly guide her along the way.

i may not always know how to do things, but with this realization of a new cycle in my daughters life i have to give my best effort not to repeat mistakes in the past. we are moving on to a new phase.

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