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So during Padre Pio's feast day last Sept 23, coming from the chapel in Eastwood accidentally came across this Dyipko that has a terminal in Petron. Apparently this goes through C5 and then turns right in Shaw and ends in Shangri-la. For a 21 peso fare, not bad at all. I always took grab or the hubbs would fetch me or bring me to work. But sometimes when he is busy with work, don't have a choice but to commute.

Got to try it today, it is like a mini bus with aircon and wifi. Very comfy, I love it. Just don't like the idea of having to get to another jeep and tricycle to get home. But compared to a 300+ grab ride vs a 55 peso commute, I'd rather go for the latter all things considered.

One unusual experience though, encountered a crazy lady in the jeep going home (not the Dyipko) I had my headphones on so didn't exactly hear what she was mumbling about until she punched my leg 3x. I was dumbfounded and asked her what the hell her problem was, then she said I crammed into her space when there were a lot of spaces around. And I asked why she had to hurt me? And told her there was a lot of space where I sat in, no need to be violent. Then she alighted the jeep and was taunting me to go down the jeep too. My reaction? Deadma! I won't stoop down to her level excuse me. Besides, loka loka sya noh! The rest of the passengers agreed that she was indeed crazy.

Minsan na lang ako mag commute, naka encounter pa ako ng baliw! Hay nako!

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