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"You get to know people when they are in difficult situations and you get to really know their character when they are not able to get what they want. We need to assess ourselves honestly. When we are in tight situations; what and how do we respond? When we are not able to get what we want how is our attitude? Self-assessment is key to self-development." ~ Francis Kong


So how are we when we are in difficult situations? We are human and nobody is perfect. That is why we are always on a work in progress mode all the time. And it doesn't mean that we are not moving forward. It just means that we always need to improve ourselves to be able to cope up with our ever changing environment.

If you will ask me, I do get frustrated when things don't go my way. It is an instant reaction. But when I get to think things over, I get to realize that there are just things I cannot change. So what do I do about it, I try to change my perspective. I assess what are the things that I have control over, how do I use that to my advantage. I realize also that I am human, and I need to learn and re-learn a lot of things.

In this fast paced environment, we always have to restlessly reinvent ourselves. Try to have that growth mindset and never get tired of improving ourselves. Let's read, learn, collaborate and connect with people. Be resourceful enough to find ways and means to self-development. And be mature enough to accept that there is no end to learning things.

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