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"pag namatay ako hihilahin ko paa mo" a common phrase we blurt out in jest to tease our friends. i was always a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. i believe that everything ends in death. i mean in this part of our world. i would usually find a practical excuse for everything. scientific even. not until over the weekend when i was in our province to attend the wake of my uncle.

we would experience electrical glitches. lights turning off. videoke turning on in full volume. for me it was just that - an electrical glitch. no sense in freaking myself out. until our walk home came. we were a group of four. my cousin and his gf me and a family friend (tita j). we were walking in two's. they were the first who went inside the house. we were left in the middle of the driveway at 1am. i heard footsteps. not ours because we were wearing slippers. i heard someone walking with heels clicking. tok tok tok..i looked around and remembered to say "tabi tabi po" in my mind. i didn't want to scare tita j. but i was starting to get scared.

i noticed tita j also looking around while we were walking. it was an ungodly hour, it was dark and i thought she was waiting for the rest of the group left behind. and then our eyes met and she said "narinig mo yun" then it hit me, what i heard was real and then i said tita j narinig mo din shet what is that? and then we ran really fast. she just had a minor stroke and was limping bad. but i guess the adrenalin rush made her forget about her limp. if we could fly we would have. and while we ran the sound became louder and faster. like it was just running after us.

we were shouting for my cousin to open the door. and when we were inside and told the story my cousin wanted to call their local exorcist. he was feeling different. in the end apparently, my niece who was 12 y/o and died in a tragic accident was the one who was following us and went inside the body of one of my cousins. i know that for those who will hear this the first time would be skeptical too. but experiencing it first hand would make you believe. i still get goosebumps remembering this. never thought in my lifetime i could experience something like it. it was hella crazy and scary.

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"I don't know what to say," he said

"It's okay," she replied. "I know what we are, and I know what we're not."

~ Lang Leav


'nuff said. i guess that part of my life finally has a period in it. i may have lingering fond memories, but it remains as just that....memories. although i was expecting it, and even dreamt about it, i still felt weird inside. howell, that's life.

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Recently had a mini-reunion with my elementary classmates. Amazing! It's been 30 years since I last saw some of them. So much has changed. The child you knew then came out to be a different adult now. Not only physical attributes have changed, emotional, spiritual, etc. I had fun reminiscing with them.

During that time we were checking out class pictures and boy have I forgotten a lot of their names. Some even their faces. Memory gap! But I was moved at how some of them remember me. Aside from consistently being the class president I was also always top of the class. One of them remembers how we fought for that spot during grade 6. We were very competitive then.

But that was not what moved me, one said "inspite of being #1, you were always down to earth. you would always approach those having a difficult time and was willing to teach us then." This person loved to tease me then. He was so naughty and noisy that I always had to put him on the "noisy list". I told him I was his favorite person to tease, and he said "yeah, you were my favorite then, and you still are my favorite now." hahaha Didn't know what that meant but I guess it's a good thing.

I am just happy that I left good old footprints for my batchmates to remember me by. The honors and scholastic achievements were just a bonus. Making a difference in my own little way was what mattered. And after 30 years, being remembered as the kind of person I was, I feel elated and successful. =)

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