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And the salt in my wounds isn't burning anymore than it used to
It's not that I don't feel the pain, it's just I'm not afraid of hurting anymore
And the blood in these veins isn't pumping any less than it ever has
And that's the hope I have, the only thing I know that's keeping me alive 

~ Paramore

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Posted by princess_bride on December 1, 2014 at 11:35 AM | 1 danced with me

finally the consolidation of the R&D facility was done and over with. well, actually for me it is just the start. have been appointed to be a member of the Board. raised some eyebrows at work, not sure why. maybe because there were some people who have been with the company longer than i have been. the hell, it wasn't my doing anyway.

so aside from all the decision making to be done, we have to work on the integration. and they are looking at early next yr to be able to get to use the system. good luck to us! the global counterpart is the most "lutang" person i have spoken with. hahaha kept on throwing the ball at us. when she should be the one to know who should do what and how. i don't know but i find it disappointing to be in a multinational company that is just so "sabog" when it comes to these special projects. call me idealistic and all, just my thoughts.

so ok inspite of all these stepping up responsibilities for me in my current company i have been offered an opportunity that i cannot just set aside. its a global position in another multinational and the office will be in eastwood. i am liking what is in store for me if ever. flexi work time (can work from home 3x/wk, more travel opportunities, broader accountabilities, etc).  i am just sad to leave my current employer as i have been here for 7.7 yrs. i have the trust of the regional higher ups and have been commended by the global team for exemplary work (their words not mine).  i just feel that i can do more and that i deserve more than what i get. 

i wasn't able to sleep last night thinking. I just have so much on my plate right now. And I need to finish a few things if ever before i leave. i don't think i would be able to finish my lean 6 project. well, its a risk i have to take. i need to prepare some more for the future. work harder, so later i can enjoy more.

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Posted by princess_bride on December 5, 2014 at 02:45 PM | dance with me

i have tendered my resignation last wk. 7 yrs 7 mos and 5 days of tenure at my current employer. it was a good run. i have met amazing friends, learned a lot and have earned the trust and respect of management. but it's time to move on to greener pastures (cliche i know)

a global post in a well known IT multinational firm and will be based in PH. that in itself is an opportunity that i cannot pass. of course the package is also a motivating factor to this decision. office will be in eastwood libis.

another good news is, the home we have purchased will be for 1st inspection in january. when it rains, it pours!

so looking forward to 2015.

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Posted by princess_bride on December 29, 2014 at 03:28 PM | 2 danced with me

welcoming 2015 with a bang. here's wishing all of you abundant joy, love and blessings for this new year. 

so i am ending this yr with a quote i have read somewhere..

"to the wounds that never heal...the more you push...the more you feel."

diabetic kase kaya they never heal. hahaha.

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Posted by princess_bride on December 31, 2014 at 11:24 AM | 2 danced with me
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