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after 9 months of hard work, we have successfully accomplished the migration project. it was a great achievement for the six APAC cluster 3 countries (SG, BD, KR, ML, TH & PH) that was part of this critical endeavor. i am personally proud of the fruits of our labor. and its another thing to have impressed the big bosses of the regional team. it was not an easy task to harmonize data and processes of two different multinationals. it was a fun learning experience having to coordinate with different nationalities and cultures. to the cluster 3 ficus team - cheers!!! a toast for future successes to all of us.

that being said, the project also entails a drastic change in my career path. since the accounting stuff have now been centralized to another team (after the migration and all), i have been offered to be the SOX Coordinator of the country and at the same time part of the regional testing team. new challenges and a new role to play in the organization. its a bit scary, because its all alien to me. after more than ten years in the accounting profession it is only now that i will be exposed to the internal control audit part. i'm sure its gonna be exciting and another brain draining activity. i like that.

i have three out of the country assignments in line supposedly this August till Sept (Indonesia, Thailand and India). but i can only be available in two. because of my surgery on wednesday. sad. its going to be my second surgery apart from the two c-section deliveries. now its time to remove the left kidney stone. i'm not worried, i have good doctors in medical city to take care of me. i would just like to heal fast. like in a zap. hehehe....sayang yung Indonesia trip which i will miss. anyway, marami pa naman next time.

i am just thankful to the One up there for all the blessings and the trials as well. yes...and the trials. without them i will never appreciate the good  things in life.


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after three years from my adrenalecotomy, i have undergone the most painful and most physically draining recovery in my whole 35 yrs of existence. got a very infected kidney therefore the need for the doctors not only to remove the stone but remove the whole left organ. good thing the right kidney is healthy. post-op was worse. hemoglobin dropped to 82, bp down to 80/50 and was having fever. it took 7 bags of blood transfusion and lots of IV meds for me not to be brought to the ICU. i was hanging by a thin thread, and i believe it was the miracle of prayer that lead me out of that predicament.

now looking back, i couldn't believe i had the tenacity to go through all the needles, the threading to get a vein, the ruptured veins, the criss-cross IV tubes, the heart monitor, the oxygen...the whole brouhaha....it passed by like a bad dream. but i remember while i was praying the Divine Mercy devotion....He said "Fear not, for I am here" and "the greater the sinner, the greater the person has the right to My mercy." it was such a humbling experience. to feel important inspite of being a sinner like everyone else. it was the faith of friends and family, their prayers and love that healed me. God is good all the time. i don't want to be preachy, coz i'm not the devout catholic i was raised to be. but i have faith that He has a forgiving heart and that anytime i deserve His loving mercy He will bestow it in His time.

i am still on my way to full recovery, but i have complete trust in Him that He will heal me completely soon. i have one more week to rest and will be back  to work on the 26th as i have to prepare for my business trip on the first week of Sept till the second. sighhh....can't let go of this career opportunity as it might not come again. there are so much to be thankful for....but i want to thank God for the gift of life. its not everyday that we get to appreciate something until the time when it can be taken away from us. i know i have not been a good child, but i am grateful for your Divine Mercy. Thank you Lord.

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32" Sony Bravia



And a matching Home Theater. Coolness!



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wow, time do fly fast. i have been worrying sick about a lot of things. from the surgery to the scheduled business trips. and here i am now with the end of august  fast approaching. i think i have accomplished a lot. recovering in two weeks was a miracle. good thing my India trip will not push through due to some miscommunication. am not really excited getting there being just operated on and all. mahirap na baka makasagap pa ako ng virus dun lagot ako. =( i'm leaving for Thailand this Sunday. one week away from my family. sigh. i dunno travelling is not really my thing. aside from being too scared to explore the new place (takot ako mawala) this is the first time i will travel without a filipino companion. good luck to me. hahaha

1st half performance evaluation have been accomplished. i got a high rate from my boss due to the success of the project. sarap ng feeling. =) 2nd half objectives have now been set. i hope i could beat my 1st half record. ambisyosa. hahaha. di naman masama mangarap. being part of the regional testing team may be a big help. malapit sa mga diyos kung baga. will be working closely with the regional controller. ang boss ng boss ko. cool diba?

i will be staying at the amari atrium. kung may gustong pumunta thailand next week pamasahe na lang sagot mo.  got a king sized bed. and its gonna be lonely without a companion to sleep together with. i will miss my kids. sigh.


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