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May 19, 2019

in God's perfect time

I've been re-assessing my life lately

like there's some piece of puzzle that I have yet to find

but I know deep down what it's all about.

it's confusing and it's crazy

it's scary.

I wanted to be the best for them.

i wanted to keep my relationships so that when I'm gone, 

I will have a shitload of people who will miss me and remember me.

I wanted to give them security

That they'll be fine even without me.

I wanted them to have long, healthy, happy and loved lives

so that when I watch them from afar, I will cry happy tears


I can feel my body deteriorating,

I can feel my soul tired of fighting

but I wanna continue so that I can be better for the people I care about

I wanna spend time and spread happiness


I know in God's perfect time, everything will make sense

and I know that everything will be okay

Written by batteredsoul at 01:31 AM.

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"Smile like you've never cried, Fight like you never lost, Love like you've never been hurt, And live like you'll die tomorrow."


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