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January 19, 2018


I think I'm sick but I love the idea of lying to myself pretending everything is just okay.

The saying your body don't lie is accurate.

We feel things that are different with how they used to be

and we ignore these things until our bodies just give up on us.

What we don't know is that the moment we ignored the help cry our bodies have been screaming about is the exact time that we have given up on ourselves.

I think I cannot lie anymore.

I cannot sush my body with the reality that I'm in a lot worse than I could ever hope for.

I need to turn things around so I can stay a little longer with everyone that matters.

I just pray that I be given the strength to wake up each morning and strive harder than I ever did my entire life.

I need to.

Because the people around me meant a lot more than I ever thought they did.

Written by dabahnidanda at 09:26 AM.

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January 7, 2018


not asking for help does not mean you are strong enough for yourself.

its more about your ego and your pride.

you think you are good enough?

not even a bit.

your "must not pity me attitude" makes me so angry.

how could you have destroyed yourself without even knowing it?

your silence although at times surprise me

it most of the the times infuriates me.

how could you bottle it all up inside?

how could you not have seek help and guidance?

how could you waste your precious time?

how could they have not seen how you are struggling?

how could they pretend you are fine with it?

Written by dabahnidanda at 12:35 PM.

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January 6, 2018

new year, new me?


if there is such a thing as in my dreams, this life could paint the perfect picture.

it's been years and i'm still here.

i'm trying to look at the positive side on a daily basis but I always fail.

life is indeed a test and boy do i get the passing marks

Written by dabahnidanda at 01:56 PM.

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"Smile like you've never cried, Fight like you never lost, Love like you've never been hurt, And live like you'll die tomorrow."


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