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June 21, 2018


Every night the wifi is turned off so I resorted to watching offline. 

During day time, when I feel like it, I watch netflix.

Currently watching Jugglers offline and set it up online.

Funny how the setting is almost the same.

Office Assistants and their struggles.

Well, I'm just getting started so I don't know if the plot's gonna be the same.

How weird is it that I'm watching almost the same storyline at the same period of time?

Written by dabahnidanda at 05:05 PM.

dance with me

June 8, 2018

reality bites

Too scared to face reality knowing that there is a high chance things won't go my way.

Too scared to reveal what is real, fearing the authenticity of what might have been.

Knowing yourself and knowing the facts that might affect you is too overwhelming.

I'm praying for endurance if it wont be solved.

I'm praying for strength to withstand the trials

and for numbness not to feel anything at all.

Too scared.

but still fighting.

Every day is a struggle.

Bring it on!

Written by dabahnidanda at 09:10 AM.

dance with me

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"Smile like you've never cried, Fight like you never lost, Love like you've never been hurt, And live like you'll die tomorrow."


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