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so this is my first entry using my new employer's issued TP (thinkpad). it's my third day and so far so good. just miss my previous office environment. may natural light and i have big windows beside my desk. well, sabi nga nila you can't have it all.  currently, i'm on a mobile desk, until the new office space have been completed. well looking forward to that. been bringing my laptop home for three days now. magaan lang naman sya but bulky.

nothing much to do yet. if i have been with my previous employer this would be a busy wk due to month-end cut off activities. namimiss ko na ang excitement nun. well, pag marunong na ako dito namnamin ko muna ang petiks mode. hahaha

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Posted by princess_bride on February 4, 2015 at 01:55 PM | dance with me

wow how fast time flies. it's been five days being new to blue. there are lots of things to learn still. i seriously think i haven't even scratched the surface yet. had a mtg with my boss last night. and i think i better get used to these almost midnight meetings as we have to meet halfway, him being based in the US. well, working time is not really an issue as it's very flexible.

today i'm going to meet with my dotted line boss here in PH. having a global role is no joke. but i'm looking forward to the new opportunities open to me in this position. (pang miss universe...hahaha)

on a personal note, haven't been feeling well for the past 3 wks. got this bad cough which led to my very hoarse voice. para akong nagbibinata. i miss my koreanovela marathons. tomorrow attending our 25th yr highschool reunion @SHS. have a lot of errands to do. have to plan what to do with the house in cavite.

so that's abt it in a nutshell.

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Posted by princess_bride on February 6, 2015 at 11:07 AM | dance with me
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