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and the journey goes on...

it has been awhile since i did a lot of things that i used to do. one of them is posting here. it's like my life was at a standstill. for whatever reason, i don't really know. i just know its not something i shouldn't waste time on. i should just walk...forward that is. 

in retrospect, my last post was about my dreams. i still have those dreams and get to reminisce the good times. but i know now that it's not for me to act on it. i mean yes there were wondeful memories, and i'm sure the tenderness will always be there. but that's that. i should wait for my subconscious to finally quit on it. and i'm confident that it will, eventually.

i worked hard for what i have now. it's not perfect but i'm hopeful that things are going to be alright. forgetting past hurts can take time but i believe that when both sides are willing to work on it, then its going to be great. i know i keep telling myself this. i'm not sure why i gave it another try...maybe its because of love, or maybe because i'm too afraid to be alone.

everything is still a work in progress. i must admit there were times that i just want out. but a part of me hangs on to the good times. it can't be that bad. well, it can but if things have changed then maybe not. 

so yes, my journey still goes on....

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Posted by princess_bride on October 23, 2013 at 02:18 PM | dance with me

so just learned this morning that my family's favorite mall, robinsons galleria was on fire since last night and was only controlled early a.m. i hope that operations are not that affected coz we really love going to this mall, quite near our home, not too crowded and shops are pretty much classy. what could have caused the fire? that's another question.

we had our share of a nightmarish encounter when our neighbor caught fire december last yr. the fire actually crept to our roof already and we were not able to bring out much stuff except some important docs and our bebe dogs. and then a close call two months ago when the wire going to our main electricity tripped and caused so much smoke which happened mid afternoon (which is a blessing otherwise we would have burnt the whole apartment) where our neighbor called our attention and asked us to turn the electricity off.

my kids and i have been so traumatized that even a slight smell of smoke triggers instant panic. well, the house where we live in now is quite old already and its difficult with hubby not around when these things happen.

on a different note, noticed that a lot of old tabulistas have been writing again. its just so nice to have this site back. kudos to tabulistas who keep this blogsite alive. and of course to Roy who made this space for us and keeps it going inspite of and despite of. Cheers!  

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Posted by princess_bride on October 30, 2013 at 12:08 PM | dance with me
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