i guess the time has come....most of my friends here have transferred to another domain, and those who were left hardly updates their space....i am slowly losing interest to post here. wala nang excitement tulad ng dati. no new friends and old friends are too busy to even say hi. ksp pa naman ako. hehehe

kidding aside, i am slowly liking my friendster blog. and since wala nang masyadong happening dito i am thinking about leaving tabs for good. i'm sure i won't be missed. =) dami din memories dito. and most of them mas gusto ko na lang kalimutan totally. kasi mukhang nakalimutan na din naman ako. ganon lang yun!

parang bitter eh noh....i don't want to sound that way. coz i am not. there are things that should be forgotten for us to move on. otherwise pabalik balik lang yung pain...yung longing. mukha ka lang tangang kakahintay sa wala. so ito na ang tamang panahong magsara ng isang chapter ng buhay ko.

paalam princess_bride...."to the wound that never heals" cheers!

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Posted by princess_bride on November 25, 2008 at 11:15 PM | dance with me
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